The Friday Fives

1. Have you ever met / seen a performance by a celebrity  before they hit it big?

The first one that came to min was Jamie Foxx back in college. He was really quiet and shy. This was before his TV show and movies.

2. Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Franken. I met hi while working at a newspaper in Denver. Tomas Second place is probably Bob Dole at a political dinner while he was running for president.

3. Who is the last person you talked to out side of your home life?

I am at an RV show in Boise right now and the last conversation was with the hotel desk clerk trying to rustle up some AAA batteries.

4. You fall asleep and wake up in 2050. What would you search for on the internet first?

Have we invented the star trek transporter yet?

5. What are some of your personal life-hacks that you came up with yourself, not necessarily completely original ?

I shave and brush my teeth in the shower. One stop grooming.

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Thanx to my dad and his former career I was playing The Crash Test Dummies on KWSB about a year before they exploded onto the music scene. The CD I had was from seeing and meeting them at a small concert courtesy of dad.

    2) Famous or infamous I have met many. Possibly the most famous is Marilyn Manson before he started doing the make up and wild stuff.

    3) Coworker and friend as I was exiting work last night.

    4) Family members

    5) I don’t hack life, I live it. ????

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