The Friday Five

1. What is your New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day tradition?

I am old. I don’t go out and revel in the New Year’s Eve. I leave that to the rookies. I watch the Rose Bowl parade with a glass of prosecco and make a big brunchy breakfast.

2. Do you make resolutions? If so, what is one you are going to focus on this year?

I am not a big resolutions person, but I intend to get on the exercise bike during these cold months to get in shape for my spring-fall bicycle commute and perhaps melt off an additional 15 lbs. The trick is to rise early in the morning and trot over to the gym in our complex when there are no crowds.

3. do you have any New Year’s memories as a kid?

Our town would open a fired hydrant flood the local city park, creating a skating rink and I remember many years of skating on New Year’s Day – I think it was my dad’s idea so he could sleep in after coming home late on New Year’s eve partying at the Elks Lodge.

4. It will soon be 2024 – what technology were we promised that never came to be?

I am still waiting for flying cars. My sister thinks it’s a bad idea as folks can’t drive as it is. And I also am waiting for the Star Trek transporter. That would be a huge game-changer.

5. It will soon be 2024 – what technology or trend just needs to go away?

Social influencers.

4 Replies to “The Friday Five”

  1. 1. In Denver, an odd New Years Day tradition is for people to flock to Vietnamese restaurants for dinner. I have adopted the tradition; waiting patiently for a table at Saigon Bowl, and ordering way more food than any group could possibly finish.

    2. I generally fail at resolutions, so I don’t make them. I think that a new year is a time to embrace change and better habits, so that’s the goal.

    3. Nothing outstanding. As a kid we’d attempt to stay up late, and watch Dick Clark (who I despised) fueled by cookies and eggnog.

    4. The Foodarackacycle. It would save time and resources, while decimating the restaurant industry.

    5. Windows.

  2. 1) For many years now, the family has spent NYE at our house in Buena Vista. WE hot springs it and hike and then on NY day we eat black-eyed peas and cornbread, which is a tradition from her family’s side in Texas.

    2) Nothing official. I will continue on my physical fitness and good food trend and the pounds will just Calgon away.

    3) New Year’s Eve up at the ski area when my parents were on ski patrol. The candlelight skiing down the hill in a big single line, fireworks at 12,000 feet, Beautiful crystal clear mountain skies at night too full of stars to imagine.

    4) Implantable phones. Just a pop-up display from a cornea implant.

    5) The amazing stupidity of the human race to repeat all that is bad in our history. The trend is real.

  3. 1) No strong traditions. I have worked too many New Year’s Eve so I shall be in and avoiding crowds.

    2) No true resolutions, but I will continue and reinvigorate my health adventure.

    3) Once I was on a sailboat in the Virgin Islands anchored in the harbor off the shore from Foxy’s. It is said to be one of the top 5 new years locations in the world. It was insane with the number of hosts and people, fireworks etc.

    4) the instant rehydrated foods that Back to the Future 3 foretold.

    5) Religion.

  4. 1. It used to be laughing at other commentators on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve Show try to pretend that they understood ole stroke mouth as he got worse each year. I kept waiting for someone to just put a blanket over his head and hide him somewhere in NY. Turn NYE into an Annual “Where’s Dick?” Festival. If you found him, you got to be in a parade on the following Thanksgiving and hide Dick for next year.
    2. To be nicer and not make fun of people with disabilities.
    3. No.
    4. Terminators. (I mean, honestly, it’s time, ain’t it?)
    5. TikTok.

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