The Friday Fives

1. What is the most disturbing thing you’ve heard said casually?

There was this click of folks running around together working in the fraud department where I worked. They were involved in a sex club/cult, and the unfiltered stories they told were quite disturbing. I am not a prude, but their stories usually leave my mouth agape.

2. You go to bed like normal, but when you wake up you’re in a hospital 200 years later, and you haven’t physically aged a day. What’s the first thing you ask?

Did the Broncos win.?

3. What TV show never gets old to you?

I still tune into Friends reruns and the Star Trek franchise.

4. What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

Leviathan is a really bad knockoff of The Abyss. There are many others, certainly, but I walked out of the theater on this one. So Bad

5. What movie would never be made nowadays?

Blazing Saddles

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) I have heard many people casually say, in response to someone else’s situation, that if some sort of break-in, theft or trespass happened on their property they would shoot to kill. Not the intruder looking to harm someone kind of thing, more the casual vandals or car break-ins kind of thing. The ease with which people with assault weapons, handguns or rifles say they will use them against others in non-life-threatening situations is extremely concerning.

    2) Can I have some pizza?

    3) MASH, always MASH.

    4) Freddy Got Fingered. Dare you to watch the whole thing.

    5) Unfortunately, most of the John Hughes movies would not be made with such innocence of the times stylings he used.

    1. 1) The ease in which people talk about assaulting others for the slightest disagreement over things that truly are not that big of a deal.

      2) Where’s the bathroom? I’ve gotta poop.

      3) Seinfeld

      4) Fuck you Tony! I have sat through the entire thing. You and Trevor boxed me in and refused to let me leave! Yes it is, it has to be Freddy Got Fingered.

      5) I think any movie can be made but they won’t be widely viewed nor popular. I agree with Roy I think Blazing Saddles probably offends the widest selection of people and some of the most fragile of social justice warriors would flip out.

  2. I know I’m late to the party on this, but I saw the comments on “Freddie Got Fingered”, so I had to participate and comment myself.

    1. “People who didn’t get the Covid-vaccine should be turned away from hospitals if they have Covid.” By this logic, let’s turn away obese people who have heart attacks (doctors have been telling us for awhile about proper diets), patients diagnosed with lung cancer who smoked, motorcyclists who injure themselves when they don’t wear a helmet, etc,

    2. “How did my ex-wife die?” And then stare at the look of horror on my doc’s face as I laugh uncontrollably.

    3. Breaking Bad. I can keep watching that show over and over.

    4. Crash. The Cronenberg movie. Not to be confused by the Sandra Bullock piece of shit. (Yes, Freddy Got Fingered was bad, but I went in knowing what a train wreck the movie was going to be and I got what I asked for. What was funny for me though was the experience, knowing that Greg couldn’t leave.)

    5. Porky’s.

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