The Friday Fives

1. What’s an innocuous word that sounds ridiculously sexual?

Well I go with the obvious one: MOIST.

2. What is your best weight loss tip?

Trulicity. Just one shot a week and you forget to even eat much less eat less.

3. What was younger you hilariously wrong about, like completely missed the mark on that one?

I was on my 30s when I realized that Holland and The Netherlands were the same country (And I lived in Germany for a bit so I should have known better.)

4. What is a ‘strange’ food from your culture that outsiders often find bizarre, but you think everyone should try at least once?

I grew up living in a border city next to the foreign land of Utah and we always seemed to have at any gathering of food, family and friends some sort of Jello salad – a stple in the Utah culture that bled into to Craig due to the Mormon population. ( I still kind of have an affinity for Peach Jello with spiced peaches and cottage cheese as a side dish.)

5. What is the most extreme temperature you have experienced?

32 degrees below zero – with wind and snow. Craig is one fucking cold place.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Robust.

    2) 80/20. Eat 80% clean and good-for-you food, 20% splurge and eat gut bombs.

    3) Putting stuff away actually makes life easier. I used to just gather stuff, do whatever and then move on. Putting stuff away where it goes is actually much more better.

    4) Crispy chili rellenos. A very American take on a traditional Mexican dish, but so much better than the soft mushy traditional Mexican dish.

    5) -92 F wind chill in boot camp, which was right on Lake Michigan in the middle of winter. My dad came up for boot camp graduation and the fuel in his deisel truck gelled up from the cold.

  2. 1) Invaginate

    2) Meal preparation.

    3) making your bed every morning isn’t dumb. It’s smart.

    4) Most countries are horrified when visiting the US at our foods, I’d have to say biscuits & gravy is most often commented on.

    5) No idea how cold it actually was but when I was in jr. high we had a winter in Minnesota that was so cold you could spit and it froze before it hit the ground. My dad joked that it would be 50° warmer if we climbed into the freezer.

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