The Friday Fives

1. What do you think is the most addictive non-drug?

Coffee / Caffeine. Gots to gots to haves it.

2. What brand has your loyalty?

Nikon. I spent a number of years always with a camera in my hands while working as a newspaper reporter,
and my mighty, mighty Nikon was my old reliable. I may go find some black and white film, pull that great camera out of its bag, and grab some arty pics.

3. What is your favorite poverty meal that you will eat, no matter how much money you have?

Ramen. Delicious. Doctored up with some sriracha and soy sauce, some green onions, and a hard-boiled egg, it is delightful and costs nothing.

4. What is the far worst thing that happened to you this year?

My dang car was stolen! Those bastards.

5. What is your favorite Conspiracy Theory?

I am not a huge conspiracy theory believer. But I enjoy reading about the faked moon mission. I don’t believe the moon landing was fake, but the stories make me smile. People can be very stupid sometimes.

4 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Nicotine. As, if not more, addictive as heroin and cocaine.

    2) Siracha. I have tried off brands and they just don’t quite get there.

    3) Tuna surprise – box of cheap mac and cheese, can of tuna and some frozen peas. Bake it on up.

    4) I didn’t get a pony, again, for my birthday!

    5 It’s only a conspiracy if it is crazy ass theories. But the earth is flat and that’s a fact.

  2. 1) Sugar.

    2) Kraft Parmesan cheese. Others just ain’t the same.

    3) Noodles with butter, garlic salt and Parmesan cheese.

    4) I didn’t win the Powerball.

    5) That Republicans have anyone’s best interest in mind other than their own.

  3. What do you think is the most addictive non-drug?

    Is coffee a drug? Well, whether it is or isn’t… that is my answer. I fucking love coffee. It’s not a healthy relationship. Also, porn is great. I imagine if you looked at the dopamine triggers and such… porn could prolly qualify as a drug.

    Did you know that coffee is the second most traded thing in the world? The first? Oil.

    What brand has your loyalty?

    Suthwest Airlines. Because why? Because they are the only airline that lets you change plans. Why isn’t this a standard? Because of this, I spend more money with them. If something comes up in the future, we just buy SW tickets. We know those tickets are good to go anywhere at anytime if the original destination or date changes. I do also love not paying for: soda, bags, seat assignments… too. But the most important travel perk for me is flexibility. It gives me so much piece of mind. Hey… Santa Barbara is great! Let’s just stay another day. Any airline other than SW and you just lost $300. To me, flexibility is as important as the price point.

    I was involved in the SW airlines meltdown last year, too. For a week they couldn’t fly anyone or anywhere. Or worse, for that week they couldn’t tell the truth or explain. I got trapped in Phx. I had the sense to start saving receipts for meals and movies. I had to also walk away from my SW ticket home and flew United. SW airlines paid for ALL of it. I wasn’t terribly inconvenienced at all, since I had my work laptop with me. SW airlines ending up sending me a check for $642, and then $1,000 worth of free airline vouchers. I got paid… and well.. To spend an extra few days with family.

    What is your favorite poverty meal that you will eat no matter how much money you have?

    $1 a scoop Chinese food. It’s prolly now $3 a scoop, and it isn’t very good. When I started in the business world, I couldn’t afford more than a buck or two a day for lunch. So, I would go to ‘Ho Ho’s’, which is the actual name of a dodgy Chinese food joint that sold Chinese food for a buck a scoop.Dollar Express Chinese Restaurant | St. Louis MO

    What is the far worst thing happened to you in this year?

    I think that would be Hamas attacking Israel. What a fucked up move! Remember how we all worked really hard to try and not think of all Muslims as terrorists? Well, I certainly did. For example… when the OK City bombing happened in college, I remember thinking as I watched the news ‘total Muslim terrorist, guaranteed!’. I was wrong, and I really did feel like a dick for assuming that. I’m one of those liberals who worries about such things.

    I also don’t understand why we have to financially and militarily back the Jews in the MIddle East. I understand we are making up for their losses in WW2. At some point, though, they need to stand on their own.

    These are the things I thought. That we were coddling the Jewish half of the middle East and if they want to fight the muslims for land just do it and get it over with. I was still primarily pro-Isreal/Jewish, but thought it wasn’t so black and white. I’d say I was 65/35 on team Israel. Until Hamas just randomly attacked, and is still attacking. And taking hostages. I suppose I should know that Hamas are just psycho pieces of shit, and don’t represent all Muslims. But no… fuck these guys. Look at every repressive regime in the world. Look at every senseless bombing or terrorist attack anywhere in the world. It’s always Muslims. Even North Korea and China don’t pull shit like this. Even Russia doesn’t pull shit like this.

    Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but it seems every terrorist is a Muslim. Oooh, that’s a good line. My point being – Sorry Jews, you were right. They are assholes and can’t be trusted and this is why we have to point nuclear weapons at them. let’s look at that sentnece again, because I think its a very powerful observation. It is also a very strong accusation. ‘Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim’. That is a broad generalization. It could be aruged its dumb and intolerant and racist. Maybe it is. But it’s true, too… isn’t it?

    Odd. I absolutely did not come here to rant about the Middle East.

    Former US President George W Bush Converts To Islam – Religion – Nigeria

    What is your favorite Conspiracy Theory?

    That GW Bush secretly knew about/allowed the 9/11 terrorist attacks in order to have an excuse to go to war and distract us from his shitty presidency. I don’t believe that. I certainly don’t believe our own Govt d it. You know, this conspiracy theory comes directly from WW2? It is rumored that President Roosevelt had advanced warning on the Pearl Harbor attack but let it happen so we could finally join WW2. That one I actually believe.

    Oh, and flat earthers. You have NO idea how many there are. There are studies which say 20 to 25% of adults believe the earth is flat.

    Chris London ?? on X: “Tragedy at the Flat Earth Surfing Championship… # FlatEarth #Satire” / X

    I don’t really believe in any conspiracy theories I can think of. Except JFK. I know and love every single theory. I can’t tell you what happened, but I can tell you it isn’t what they told us happened. Our own govt came out and officially stated that there was an organized effort to assassinate Kenndy. Not the Warren report, but the later House Subcomittee on Assassinations led by his brother. They just didn’t say.. Who.

    What changed between the Warren Report and the second one? The Zapruder film. Did you realize that famous film didn’t come out for over a decade after Kennedy died? All that footage we know frame by frame… they didn’t have to reference.

    Cough cough Johnson & Hoover had Kennedy bumped off cough cough under breath.

    Who I really feel for? The folks at the Dallas Trade mart that day. See, the Trade-mart is where Kennedy was heading when he was shot. As they sped up and hauled ass out of that grassy knoll underpass the bolted to the hospital. Along that path was the Dallas Trade Mart. Imagine there was probably at least several hundred people waiting there to see and hear Kennedy. These things are of course planned meticulously. He was supposed to be there around 1pm, I think. Imagine people looking down at their watched anxiously after waiting all day in the shitty hot Dallas sun for a glimpse of the president. 1pm rolls around, and you see over the horizon his motorcade coming. Wow, look at all those cars and sirens, you proud pops would say.

    And then the motorcade FLIES by the Trade-mart doing like 80 and not even slowing. At this moment, you didn’t know he was shot. Info was not that instantaneous then, and you are miles from where the actual bullets flew. All you know is the president of the United States will be here today in person. They didn’t even slow down. “THAT is our visit? THAT was our speech? I think he actually sped UP when they approached the facility. Man, what a dick that guy is. He couldn’t even be bothered to sit up and smile and wave?”

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