The Friday Fives

Friday Friends

1. What do we think happened to Ross?

He is such an insecure and duplicitous person. He became a big MAGA head and was convicted in a real estate swindle.

2. Did Monica end up putting all her weight back on?

Not fat shame, but yes. She is also very insecure. In fact, we probably need to talk about how their parents raised them. After Monica got her hubby and kiddo and the house in the burbs, it was back to the bonbons and deserts all day long.

3. On the “Pivot!” episode – have you ever had that big furniture-moving conundrum that ended up ruining what you were moving?

We had this huge, huge old oak desk that my dad secured from the post office where he worked, and he refinished it, and we moved it into the house, and we didn’t ruin the desk but had to take the doors off the frame and damaged the door jamb trying to get it into the house.

4. Seriously, how much rent would you have to pay for a sweet ass apartment like Monica’s?

I mean seriously. i know it is part of the story that it is a rent-controlled apartment sublet from her grandma but that thin is easily a $6,00 a month rental. On what they make? No way.

5. Do you think Phoebe and Joey were ever kicking it together secretly or hooked up later in life?

“How you doin’?” Yeah, they were definitely doing it. He was a sex machine and Phoebe definitely had her freaky side.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. Because he sucks at hetero relationships, Ross finally admits to Joey his love for him and his “How you doin’.” schtick.

    2) Of course, who doesn’t?

    3) Oh my, yes! I once tried to move a large press wood entertainment center from a 2nd-floor condo and ended up just tossing it over the side to splinter into a bunch of junk. Burn in hell you rotten piece of shitty furniture.

    4. Meh. Sure why not have a 2-bedroom apartment in New York.

    5. There was that one drunk 3-way with Ross, but in the end Joey took control and Ross was his bitch forever more.

  2. 1) His inability to have a “normal” relationship results in him forcing himself on a young teenage girl and winds up a prison bitch, passed around from gang to gang. His only value is as sexual currency in the big house.

    2) She does but still claims it’s baby weight despite adopting.

    3) I had a couch that went into the basement just fine but when it came time to remove it… shit outta luck, so I took a saw and cut it into pieces to remove it.

    4) At least $8000/ month and while theirs was talked about being rent controlled the one across the hall wasn’t. I think Chandler is the only one with a job that might be able to cover his half of one of their rents.

    5) Phoebe got around, you know like a record. Joey was a man whore. So I’m saying yup they did it whenever they weren’t in a relationship. Definitely “friends” with benefits, but that show sadly never aired.

  3. 1. His rage returns. He dies of “death by cop,” following a misunderstanding about a sandwich.

    2. Nope. Skeletor Geller-Bing died of anorexia. Ironically, her widowed husband has her dressed in a fat suit to lighten up the mood at her shiva.

    3. Knock wood, I have. I have not destroyed anything while moving.

    4. Rent controlled apartments are routinely passed from generation to generation. This apartment was well south of a thousand bucks a month.

    5. I think that was covered in the episode, “The one with Jäegermeister AND herpes. “

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