The Friday Fives

1. What’s a movie that you love even though you know it’s a horrible movie?

“Wasabi” A very bad, French in translation and captions buddy cop movie starring Jean Reno

2. What video game will forever be in your heart regardless of age you reach?

Tempest. In high school, working at Safeway, each night at closing we would play the arcade version in the lobby for hours on end.

3. What’s a hygiene tip or trick that everyone should know?

The blade buddy – a textured silicone strop for your disposable razor. i haven’t changed my razor blade for eight months and no knicks or nothin’ !

4. If your life was a movie, which would it be?

“Catch 22” It is a never-ending endless circle

5. Which television shows had too many series/seasons?

“Lost” Try as I might I can’t get through season five much less six or seven.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage. Good campy fun.

    2) Now that is a hard one. I am one of the original vidiots, but I will go with a more recent one from 20 years ago or so, Halo.

    3) The add-on Tushy apparatus for in-home bidet use is a game changer in ass cleaning.

    4) Pump up the volume. I will always be an outcast teenager looking to get it on in whatever ways I can.

    5) Full House.

  2. 1) The David Lynch 1984 Dune.

    2) Big fan if the dual joystick old school game Robotron.

    3) Poop before you shower.

    4) Groundhog Day

    5) The Walking Dead. They’re dead already, leave it alone.

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