The Friday Fives

1. What famous person had everything going for him but managed to fuck it all up?

Pee Wee Herman. His little trite mistake in an adult theater really took a toll on his career, and he never fully recovered.

2. Have you ever had a “Do you know who I am?” moment?

I was in a new job as an ops manager, and in hew hire training with team members would roll up to me eventually, I had to let them know that I was their boss’s boss and I would appreciate it if they were on time, awake and participating in the training.

3. To those people who “know a guy”, what do they do?

Well, in the corporate environs, you need that person who runs back-office problems, IT desktop support, and the facilities guy. Those three can make a world of difference in your in-office day-to-day problem-solving.

4. If you had to add one more roadside test to the current DUI field sobriety exercises, what would it be?

Luckily, I haven’t had to do this, and one time when I probably should have, I was able to talk myself out of it. That being said, I think a handwriting test – take down some dictation and rate it for legibility and spelling.

5. Which actor pulled off the best accent for a country they weren’t from?

Hugh Laurie – he is a Brit with the best mid-Atlantic American accent.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Gary Hart – look it up. By today’s standards, the GOP would fucking love him for only sleeping around on his wife. And he was Dem.

    2) I once heard from a very nice and very rich and very powerful person “Don’t mistake my nice demeanor for weakness.”, I have used that a few times (and, yes, I have a nice demeanor, sometimes.)

    3) I know lots of “guys”, but find it abhorrent to ever use that leverage or position for personal use.

    4) Deep knee bends, then stand up and again! Drunks would fall flat much quicker than me (but I would probably still get light headed and stumble).

    5) Tom Holland – He did righteous justice to being a young American as Spider Man in all the Marvel movies he was in.d

  2. 1. Roseann Barr. She had the number one show on television TWICE. But due to her abject racism, her career is effectively over. Aside from personal appearances on Paula Deen’s Cookin’ Cruises. (Gary Hart was also a very good example.)

    2. Not really. I’ve had moments where I was clearly mistaken for someone else. At a *very* famous restaurant in Napa, two colleagues and I walked in without a reservation. We were told that they would be able to squeeze us in in five hours. Then the hostess fixed her gaze on one of us, and said, “I think there’s something I can do.” Our wait went from five hours to “Right this way.”

    3. I know some super posh people, and I know some very rough people. After a breakup, a gentleman approached me at the Bluebird, and offered to “take care of things.” My friend Adam, pulled me aside and said, “Don’t accept any favors from him. You’ll owe him big for the rest of your life–however long that might be.”

    4. Five burpees with pushups. Most intoxicated people would puke, and most unintoxicated people would be unable to finish.

    5. Most Australian actors can do a good American accent. Generations of Australians have grown up watching American television; and become very good at imitating the accents.

  3. 1) Brittany Spears, you shave you’re head and beat the shit out of a car with an umbrella one time…

    2) I had a very intoxicated belligerent woman once infirm me that she was a diamond buyer for some high end jeweler in Aspen, I smiled and told her well I’m the paramedic putting you into the Detox van to go to Denver Cares, she was quite possibly wearing a couple years worth of my salary in jewelry.
    I also had someone mistake me for Will Farrell at an event, I told them I was doing undercover research for an upcoming role.

    3) Its best not to know if one knows these sort of guys as it’s plausible deniability if one should ever need to call upon said guys. I personally don’t know any if those guys, but I have built an entire career out of people having varying levels of “accidents”.

    4) Ask them to text their ex, if they start looking for the number, they’re drunk.

    5) Saoirse Ronan, that woman has pulled off accents way outside her normal one.

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