The Friday Fives

1. Do you drink tap water? why or why not?

Yes, I do. I use filtered water for coffee and tea, but I have no issue with Denver Water tap water. It tastes fine and has a good reputation for quality.

2. What technology or gadget was all the rage years ago, but now feels like a relic of the past?

Remember beepers that would send a phone number that you were to call back and often tied to an answering service, and for a good bit of time, that was the height of telecommunications sexiness.

3. What’s the most American food?

The cheeseburger. I have had burgers in a couple of other countries, and they can’t do it like us Yanks.

4. If you have money to live in another country, which country do you want to hang your hat on?

Uruguay looks pretty great. Liberal progressive culture – Atlantic beaches.

5. What’s the biggest mess you’ve ever made?

When I was trying to learn to cook for myself, I was making Texas beef chili and misinterpreted what was called for garlic, and instead of six of seven cloves of garlic, I put in six heads of garlic. It was basically inedible and I had to eat it as I was a broke college kid – let’s say I had no issues with head colds or flu that year as all that garlic warded it off.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. I also filter drinking water for myself and my furry monster’s drinking fountain. I hate buying water, if for no other reason–all that plastic.

    2. The personal digital assistant (“PDA”) like the early Palm Pilots. They did next to nothing and were hard to use. The smartphone killed off many, many gadgets.

    3. Giant steaks for a single diner. Aside from maybe Argentina and Australia, no other nation is comfortable with 64-ounce servings of beef.

    4. Spain. It’s one of my ancestral homelands (and chock full of Brits should I need someone to talk to). Also, it has easy access to Germany, which surprisingly is another ancestral homeland.

    5. Adulthood. We’ll see how this turns out.

  2. 1) Like most, yes, filtered tap water. But I will drink tap when needed.

    2) Fax machines. I had one in my home office and used it. Nowadays, it seems only health care uses faxes for patient referrals and such.

    3) Pizza. American-style pizza is not replicated (by choice or design) anywhere else in the world.

    4) New Zealand in a New York minute. If I need to tell you why, then it’s not for you.

    5) Now that is an interesting and open-ended question. So many different kind of messes that I have made. The biggest mess I made was wrecking my parents car before I had a license. I stole it, drove to high school for the day, drove a friend home and the proceeded to skid out on a dirt road and smashing into the ditch. Car undrivable, so no way out of that mess and all I could do was admit the mess was mine and then pay for it in many different ways.

  3. 1) Straight from the tap, from a hose outside on a hot day, from a drinking fountain, I’ll generally drink water from wherever.

    2) TIVO, you could record, pause and then watch fast forwarding through commercials. Pretty much every cable, satellite provider offers this as a dvr system and streaming has also made TIVO obsolete.

    3) I’d have to say hot dogs. Sure other countries have sausages or bratwurst but only in the US do we have hot dogs and put them in a bun with ketchup & mustard.

    4) Australia or New Zealand, shit even Canada would be nice.

    5) I am a very neat person and would never make a mess.

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