The Friday Fives

Dog Days Pot Potpourri

1. What TV show did you try to get into but ultimately couldn’t?
“Game of Thrones” I tried peeps, I really did but after bringing through three seasons I gave up.

2. You won the $1 Billion Power ball, now what?
I buy a bunch of property in rural Colorado, build a compound and start a cult

3. What is the best Kung Fu movie ever made?
Kung Fu Panda
(Enter the Dragon still holds up as a great martial arts movie – put it isn’t Kung Fu)

4. You must let one fictional character move in with you. Who do you choose?
Monica from Friends. She cooks and she cleans – a great room mate.

5. What genre of movies do you hate the most?
Horror films. Not a fan at all.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) House of Cards, and now I have a mental block to watching much with Kevin Spacey.

    2) Pay off any shit I owe, my family owes and my friends owe.

    3) Fearless with Jet Li (2006). A true martial arts masterpiece.

    4) MacGyver, because duh, fix shit with nothing but duct tape a safety pin and a glass of water.

    5) Christian movies (i.e. anything with Kirk Cameron in it).

  2. 1) The Boys, I watched the first season but it was kinda lagging towards the end and I really just left it there.

    2) Pay off stuff for family, friends, etc. then I’d really like to learn to surf, so maybe a year with a personal trainer/ dietitian to get in shape then another year with a personal surf coach.

    3) Drunken Master the original 1978 or IP Man are my favorites.

    4) both of the previous ones are good, really good. I’m going to say Hobbes from Calvin & Hobbes. Seems like a solid friend.

    5) Not a fan of Horror films, I’ve seen enough real life horror that movies are just dumb and make me laugh.

  3. 1. What TV show did you try to get into but ultimately couldn’t?

    Game of Thrones. “Just watch once, you’ll be hooked”. Watched one, it was super confusing. “Maybe 2 or 3, but I guarantee you’ll be addicted”. Nope, just super confusing families and backstories. Watching the show felt like homework. “Yeah, but all the violence and nudity”… True. Like most men, I am a big fan of both in my entertainment. But I can watch a trillion other shows that will supply with violence and nudity where I don’t have to memorize a more complex family tree than. Well than… um. Insert some witty literary reference here.***

    ***Ed note. There is no editor. Just me. Ain’t no one gonna fill that gap above. Have some discipline man!

    Update… I just thought of a line for that. “… a more complex family tree than the Hatfield and McCoys. In fact, isn’t this really just a nerd version of same story?” Bingo… fuckin’ nailed it!

    2. You won the $1 Billion Powerball, now what?

    I have a list of ten things to do. Nine of them involve lawyering up. But let’s talk the immediate part. Like, I just realized in my hand is the ticket. Ok, set it down on a very clean counter top. Take a cell phone photo. Well, actually a bunch. Of the front and back. Email them to myself. Put lottery ticket into a nice ziplock. Not no sammich shit… I am talking about the good stuff. Its going into a quart size freezer bag. I need to get this into a bank safety deposit box immediately. Next google lawyers. Are there lottery lawyers? There must be for this scale.

    I want to know if there is a way to accept this anonymously. Some states allow it, some states require you show your face. Obviously… they want the PR. Maybe pay someone to be my stand in. As for what I would change about my life? Not a single thing. Except I guess I’d have to be all paranoid. I live out in the country a bit on 5 acres. I’d probably have to have security and stuff. Boo!

    The good news is I have already done the legwork on becoming distant and standoffish, just in case I won the lottery. I wrote this back in 2010, apparently. I might also note that I don’t really play the lottery.

    3. What is the best Kung Fu movie ever made?

    Can’t say, I am not a fan. Not sure I have ever seen one. My favorite genre is the heist/caper movie. There is no higher artform.

    4. You must let one fictional character move in with you. Who do you choose?

    Ned Flanders? No, boring. Tony Soprano!

    5. What genre of movies do you hate the most?

    There are none I ‘hate’. I’m too old for that drama. I don’t hate anything except Republicans. I am not interested in horror. Wish I could be, but I don’t want to be terrified. I don’t mind a ‘thriller’, but that is as far as I go. Examples? I loved ‘Get Out’, and ‘Cabin in the Woods’. Brilliant storytelling. But movies where its edited and shot strictly to totally terrify and mindfuck you… like quick cut to snake coming out of the babies mouth… or some shit like that? Can’t handle. Wish I could.

    I also have no interest in Anime at all. I am far from against it, as apparently it is amazing creativity and execution. At the end of the day, its just cartoons. The only cartoons I (still) like are Scooby Doo. They made some new ones, btw. A bunch, actually. Problem is, some are dumb and terrible. I forgot which is which, but if you plug it into Netflix, its worth sorting through. Scoody Doo was an absolute staple of my childhood.

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