The Friday Fives

1. Today’s my birthday – when is yours?

The great part of birth on May 26 hovers near or lands on Memorial Day weekend. It is always a four-day weekend for me.

During the Star Wars era, Dad would load up the family car, and we headed to Denver to watch the original trilogy. I remember my birthday weekend in Denver watching Star Wars: A New Hope (However, it wasn’t referred to as New Hope yet.) We saw it at the Continental Theater on Hampden on the big 70 mm screen, and it was glorious.

2. You’re given a chance to irreversibly rewind time back to the date of your tenth birthday, but you need to decide within the next 30 seconds. Do you do it? Why or why not?

Oh, certainly. To relive the 70s and 80s all over again and be given a redo – absolutely sign me up.

3. What’s the worst birthday gift you ever got?

Nothing really comes to mind but probably from my grandma. She gave odd, overly practical, no-fun gifts.

4. When people sing happy birthday to you, what are you supposed to do?

I clap along, as it is probably uncomfortable for many other folks singing along.

5. You have the genie wish granted that allows you to fill the pinata with whatever you want – what is in the pinata?

Cash. Tons and tons of cash in large denominations.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. Happy birthday, young Roy. And July 16 is my birthday and when I turned 9 we went to the newly opened Casa Bonita. I am looking forward to it being open again.

    2. I want to say yes, but since I procreated that would mean my kids may not exist or would be different. Alas, no. Watch About Time for context.

    3. I suppose it was a weekend fishing with my day at a large boys weekend event. He paid for it, but then didn’t remember it was my birthday on the actual day.

    4. Sing along and make it fun.

    5. Miracle cancer drugs. Just one pill takes it all away. Money can’t buy that kind of good mojo.

  2. 1) February 11 it gets overlooked often due to everyone being worried about Valentine’s Day.

    2) Yup I’m in. Let’s do it!

    3) I got an iPad when they were kinda new to the world, I never got to open it as the refrigerator shit the bed and I got to return my iPad to purchase a new fridge.

    4) Pick one person and stare at them so they can feel uncomfortable too.

    5) the formula for a miracle weight loss pill. That baby will generate more money than you could ever stuff in the biggest of piñatas.

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