The Friday Fives

1. Without saying your city’s name, what is your city’s best band or artist?

Most famous current – probably Nathaniel Ratcliff
Most famous – Phillip Bailey (Earth Wind & Fire)

2. What is your favorite one-hit-wonder song?

“Let it out (Let it all hang out)” – The Hombres

3. When you walk into a room, what theme song should start playing?

The Dick Van Dyke Show theme song.

4. What food aren’t you eating even if it was free?


5. What’s your favorite card game?

A family card game called Nine Square. When the family gathers this game is usually ongoing and playing all the time l

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. Vance Kirkland. Yeah. Look it up.

    2. “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White Tees.

    3. “Chick Magnet” by MxPx. It’s also the song that should play when I bat in MLB games.

    4. Anything with kidneys in it. Just plain offal.

    5. Canfield. It’s type of solitaire with a very low winning percentage. And that’s if you don’t make any errors in judgement. I nervously played it thousands of times during the pandemic, and as a result I can now count cards.

  2. 1) Backstreet Boys! *NSYNC, Matchbox 20, I just don’t know.

    2) 99 Luft Balloons- Nena

    3) I’d like to think my entrance would be something like this,
    But probably not.

    4) Any sweetbreads, organ meat, Blood sausage, I could go on but we might be here all day.

    5) It’s a French card game Calle Mille Bornes, it deals with traffic signs and mileage cards. Kids game but fun.

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