The Friday Fives

This week we are leveraging the “Colbert Questionnert”

1. Best sammich?
Lono will agree – Jerry’s Philly’s Cheesesteak joint down on Lincoln and Oswego. Now closed, but this man was indeed a sammich artist and had a love of crafting a perfect sammich in every bite. And he would talk and entertain as he made his hot beef and cheese concoction.

2. Apples or oranges?
Default to apples, but I really like oranges, but they mess up my blood sugar.

3. First concert
Stella Parton performed at the Ride ‘n Tie Days rodeo in Craig, Colorado, when I was about 9 years old.

As an adult – The Rolling Stones at Folsom Field in Boulder in 1981.

4. Ever asked someone for their autograph?
Yes, Al Franken when he was visiting our building when I worked at a newspaper in Denver. He was a college friend of our building owner who also owned Journal Graphics that did transcriptions of CNN in the old days Al was studying the coverage of the O.J . trial and visited, and I had a chance to meet him and get an autograph.

5. What happens when we die?
Worm food, then you turn into a dog.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. My body is primarily composed of turkey sandwiches. My favorite turkey sandwich is the Kali Mist at Cheeba Hut. Turkey, bacon avocado, jalapeno, pepper jack and chipotle mayo. Perfection on a crusty loaf.

    2. Apples. Oranges are too hard to eat.

    3. The Go Go’s at the Colorado State Fair.

    4. I don’t think I ever have. As a celebrity, I understand how important it is to respect the space that other celebrities occupy.

    5. Your soul gets transported to a vast waiting room, where your life will be judged by some old crank who only speaks Aramaic. From there you’ll either go to an imaginary place full of Christians with streets made out of gold. OR you’ll go to an eternity of endless suffering and torture. Why on earth are Christians so stupid?

  2. 1) I’m not sure about best as I have yet to try all sandwiches. However the BBLTT at the Bagel Deli off Hamden and Monaco is my current top. It’s a beef bacon, lettuce, tomato & turkey on an amazing sourdough bread, stacked so high that it’s a challenge to get one’s mouth around.

    2) Apples are more versatile. I’ve never seen nor had an orange pie.

    3) The Police, synchronicity tour 1984 in Minneapolis.

    4) I’ve met lots of famous people yet never asked for an autograph. I have joking asked hundreds of non celebrity people for their autograph on medical legal documents.

    5) Nothing, you’re dead. If any of my parts are still viable I hope that they will give extended life to another person. The rest of me can be ground up for fish food, I don’t care as I’m dead.

  3. one of the many different charms he is knew better than ‘the customer is always right’. If you asked for something on one of hjis sammiches he disagreed with… you weren’t getting it. What you DID get is a lecture… which made it worth while. Like, I would ask for pickles to be on the Philly. I hate pickles, and that is disgusting. But it would set Jerry off. “you aren’t going to destroy one of my sandwhiches with that nasty shit. Do you know what pickles are? Do you know where they come? Do you know the exploitation of pickle farmers?

    He could, and would, riff on anything. He was wicked smart, too. So it was always on point. I should respect his privacy, but that isn’t what the internet is for. last I heard he was retired in the mountains alone with his dogs. Gerry Topper.

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