The Friday Fives

The Best of Times | The Worst of Times

1. What’s the best way to enjoy coffee?

Freshly roasted, freshly ground, piping hot served black from a French press .

2. What would be the worst flavor of gum?

Moldy Mushroom (however, that might be available at H Mart, the Asian supermarket.)

3. What’s the best movie you’ve seen recently, and why?

I can’t stop talking about it – “The Banshees of Inisherin.

4. What is the worst thing a teacher has said or done to you?

I was always a terrible math student in high school and, I had a teacher who used to call my “The Null” set – way to build up young people’s lives, Nagoda!

5. What’s the best nickname someone gave you?

During the GW Bush years, Rev Ed began referring to me as R Dub, and I took to that.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Dark roast, freshly ground with a bit of sweet creamer.

    2) Cum bubble. Tastes kinda salty and old, but you can blow bubbles that get all over your face.

    3) Maverick. The Top Gun squeal hit all the right chords or nostalgia and action to make me likey.

    4) I remember a professor my freshman year at WSC tell me I was the reason she was getting fired, when the only thing I did was go to the office during the times she was supposed to hold office hours and ask how could I get a hold of her. Needless to say, she was released for cause.

    5) Mr. Bow and Arrow, given to me by a bunch of 6th graders when I was their counselor at outdoor lab and they could not pronounce my last name.

  2. 1) Hot with some Italian sweet cream creamer sitting around with great friends.

    2) Festering taint cyst pus flavored.

    3) I really enjoyed the new Dune. I’m excited for part two.

    4) I had an antiemetic gym teacher / football coach in high school that while watching game film after I had fallen during a play stopped the video and in front of the entire team asked, “Whattya doin down there on your hands knees Bernstein? Looking for nickels?” I wish I had known who I am and had the strength to stand up to him back then but I didn’t.

    5) I’ve always been Bernie in every sport in my life. In anesthesia school one of the girls called me Greggles. I like that one.

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