The Friday Fives

1. What food can f*ck right off?

Haggis – don’t need me, no organ meat.

2. What food is more universally loved than pizza?

Hmm, maybe hamburgers?

3. What is the BEST fast food restaurant?

I don’t do an awful lot of fast food, but I do love me some Del Taco – it’s Taco Bell made out of real food.

4. What is the worst fast food restaurant?

Back when Dairy Queen made burgers – that was pretty bad.

5. What food from a can is extremely delicious?

Back in my meat-eating days I loved canned corned beef hash.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. Kale. I tried, yet I do not like kale. And I really like collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens, etc., so kale must really be vile.

    2. Although not something I get worked up about, the world has gone TACO MAD. Tacos everywhere with everything on them.

    3. Echoing Roy, the best fast food is food that is actually cooked–not assembled. I’ll vote Chipotle, as it’s about the only fast place I go.

    4. Arby’s. Between the “roast beef” which is actually gelatinized meat slurry, all the way to the Jamocha shake, it’s all terrible and terrible for you.

    5. PRINGLES!!!!

  2. 1) Shellfish, not only am I allergic they are nothing but bottom feeding cockroaches and rats of the ocean. Just fucking disgusting.

    2) Ice cream, every country and everyone has a variation of ice cream that is loved.

    3) I think they are all ok but the one that consistently delivers the same food no matter which one you go to, no matter which country you’re in is McDonald’s.

    4) Yeah I agree with Rev, Arbys is pretty much trash.

    5) Cinnamon roasted almonds.

  3. 1) Tomato aspic…which is basically tomato jello with shit in it. Just thinking about about made me throw up in my mouth.

    2) Mac and cheese. Only godless heathens don’t know about or love it.

    3) Well, to go against the grain here, Arby’s. Jaimoca shakes are rhe jam.

    4) I would say Wendy’s pretty bad.

    5) Spicy bean dip from Frito Lay.

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