The Friday Fives

1.  Schools district’s are bringing back corporal punishment – were you ever paddled as a school kid?
I was not.  I believe my sister was while in 3rd grade as the teacher was a weirdo kind of dude who seemed to really get off on swatting the girls in his class. I remember there was some sort of controversy surrounding him but I don’t have the details.
There is study after study that have demonstrated that paddling students does nothing to improve behaviors, actions, attendance, skills, or intelligence in classrooms.

2.  If band names were literal, what would be the best/worst concerts to attend?
Mega-death.  Not a growing fan base because once you go to a show, well, you die.

3. Forget a billion dollars, it’s ridiculous. How would your life be changed by winning $20,000?
Pay off the ugly credit card debt.  Boring – I know.

4. What is a custom that needs to go away now?
All this parliamentary procedure in the House of Representives and the prolonged voting for a Speaker of the House.  So dang silly.  Make it a simple majority and just go with it.

5. What are some of the most passive aggressive phrases in workplace emails?
“Up to and including including termination.”  The big threatening sentence that all HR types want put onto any performance plan.

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Had a football coach / teacher who would give a quick tug on the hair behind one’s ear. Until some kid pointed out that little girls pulled hair when upset, that was too much for his ultra macho man persona. He didn’t do it again that I know of.

    2) an old 80’s hair band, Slaughter. Kinda self explanatory.

    3) Could pay off either the wife’s car or my new car, or put it towards my student loans? Lame I know but that’s really not a crazy fantasy amount to get silly with.

    4) Religion.

    5) “duties as assigned” I mean come on.

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