The Friday Fives

1. What meals bring you back to your childhood?

Lasagne. My mom’s lasagne was my favorite dish growing up.

2. If you could describe your life with an already existing song title, what would the title be?

Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy – a classic Gemini battle.

3. What tricks does corporate America use to get us to spend more money?

Invent a problem. Invent a product to solve that “problem” and initiate a marketing blitz to ensure everyone is aware of the problem and only your product is the solution.

4. What band or artist would you buy their latest album without hearing a note of it?

Wilco and Bruce Springsteen – both sing of the sounds in my soul.

5. Who is the best sitcom character of all time?

Barney Fife from “The Andy Griffith Show.”

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Kraft Mac & Cheese

    2) the thing that should not be

    3) In collaboration with our government they get something mandated then are the only ones who sell or provide said product. Boom! I stand and consistent demand.

    4) Tool, A Perfect Circle, Koran, Springsteen, David Wilcox, Wicked Tinkers, I guess lots of bands I’d do that for.

    5) Kramer. No contest. I don’t even have to say the show, just Kramer and you know what show and exactly who I’m talking about.

  2. 1) Hamburger Helper in various flavors.

    2) Head over Feet

    3) Having been part of that machine in the consumer packaged goods segment; it’s all about the marketing. It is all a bag of tricks when it comes to consumer products. That is why I am glad to be doing non-profit health care (which is actually an oxymoron).

    4) The Beatles…but the release date seems to be MIA.

    5) Hawkeye Pierce – a smarmy, yet loveable wartime doctor who has wicked sense of humor, a heart of gold, makes a wicked martini (including the hooch) and delivers one-liners better than anyone in sitcom history.

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