Friday Fives

1. What’s an underrated album by a really big artist?

“Ghost of Old Tom Joad” by Bruce. An acoustic folk album. It is so great.

2. If you had to wear one band t-shirt for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

My John Prine concert tour shirt. I love me some Prine.

3. What’s the best use of music in a film or TV show scene?

“Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)” b Kenny Rogers and the New Edition in the dream sequence of “The Big Lebowski.

4. What discontinued thing do you really want to be brought back?

The Kitchen wall phone. It really kept the entire household together. My mother could have coordinated the invasion on Normandy with this phone and her address book. She didn’t need no stinkin’ smartphone.

5. What band or artist do you feel is massively underrated?

“Exile On Main St.” by The Rolling Stones. Panned by the critics it is a rock and roll gem.

(questions via @ThatEricAlper)

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Low by David Bowie – although it show up on many list of greatest albums of all time, it is not one that many folks know about.

    2) BNL

    3) The entire Harold and Maude soundtrack by the artist then know as Cat Stevens.

    4) Non-plastic kitchen items. I miss glass and metal kitchen tools that are not disposable. I still use a hand ice crusher from my Grandma’s era in the 50s. It could survive a nuclear war.

    5) Roy, I would say the Rolling Stones are not underrated at all, but more likely overrated. At least that’s the question format. -I would say the Manhattan Transfer. Classic 4-part singing from the heart of NYC kicking it old school and new.

  2. 1) Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin it’s just overshadowed by their other works but is really great.

    2) Black Flag

    3) Anything by John Williams. That guy and his music creates an emotional response to the films he’s scored.

    4) Firefly

    5) The Wicked Tinkers, YouTube them, they’re awesome.

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