The Friday Fives

1. How is your relationship with your family?

Pretty great. It always has been. the nuclear unit is pretty tight and close. The outer boundaries of the family unit – especially growing up were pretty chaotic, but the parents worked hard to shield us from the mess.

2. How is your relationship with your manager?

I have generally always gotten along well with my bosses. In my career there may have been two bosses I didn’t get along with and those jobs did not end well I should have done a better job reading the warning signs and gotten out earlier in those circumstances.

3. How is your relationship with your neighbor?

Usually a smile and a wave but no real relationship or friendships.

4. What is your absolute favorite useless fact?

There is a notch on the lid of French’s yellow mustard that holds the cap back from the flow of the condiment from the spigot so that mustard doesn’t get lodged in the top of the cap.

5. You and your friend star in a sitcom. what is it called?

“Bar Crawl” Kind of like “Cheers” but instead of one bar it features six or seven.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Good with my bro and sis, not many immediate family members left these days. Extended family is, well, extended. Good with my in-law family. Except for the Trumper, which most of us just avoid seeing.

    2) For many years now I am my own manager and it it mostly good, but sometimes I still am not mangeable. Prior to my solo time, I would say I had some up and some down. I have a low tolerance for bad management due to people being promoted for doing a good job as a worker, but having no skill or business being a manager.

    3) Neighborly. On both sides of me are pretty solid neighbors who watch out for each others property and don’t really encroach into our lives or us into theirs. Not like the neighborhood I grew up in, which was for better or worse way to enmeshed.

    4) Colorful Colorado is pretty much a redundant statement.

    5) Completely inappropriate.

  2. 1) I get along with my family well. Both brothers are on opposite coasts but we get along. My parents are in California and are really good small dose friends.
    My in-laws can all die in a fiery plane crash and the only reason I’d be upset is because it would make my wife sad.

    2) It has been a truly long time since I had a manager that I thought I was friends with. My relationships are generally a tolerable one but nothing magical.

    3) Smile & wave. Chat cordially if they approach me but that’s it.

    4) The first PG-13 movie ever is/ was Red Dawn.

    5) Often NSFW

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