The Friday Fives

1. Who is your favorite Muppet/Jim Henson character and why?

Kermit. How can it not be Kermit? It ain’t easy being green.

2. Ernie or Burt?

I always like Burt – better comedic timing.

3. Piggy or the Swedish Chef?

Chef- one makes the food. One eats the food. Go with the creative one.

4. Battlestar Gallactica or Pigs in Space?

Ha, funny. I think the special effects in Pigs in Space are better. Try this: Over on the Peacock app they have the original Battlestar Gallactica – man, that show does not hold up.

5. If Kermit was a famous fiction character, how would he be?

I always thought he would be a Raymond Chandler kind of character, like Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Sweetums. I can just relate.

    2) Ernie, he was always up for a good time. Not a care in the world.

    3) Chef every time.

    4) Effects aside the plot of battlestar is better.

    5) I like to envision Kermit as Captain Nemo.

  2. 1. Rolf. It’s said that that soulful pooch was closest to embodying what Henson was really like.

    2. Tough call. You’ve both made good arguments for each. I’ll go Bert. He is frequently misunderstood thanks to Ernie’s general jackassed-ness.

    3. Swedish Chef please. He is genuinely funny, and you improv people will appreciate that he was originally portrayed by Henson and Frank Oz at the same time. One frequently didn’t know or see what the other was doing. Hence hilarity frequently ensued.

    4. Pigs in Space. Teaching kids about breaking the fourth wall is important.

    5. Paul Motherfucking Rudd.

  3. for the record… that above was beautifully formatted. spaces and caps and fonts and breaks and hyeperlinks! Oh.. the hyperlinks.

    Sorry. That above, as one giant paragraph, is unreadable. That chaps my ass. If you want a readable version – and get all hopped up on neatly executed hyperlinks every-fucking-where… just go there directly.

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