The Friday Fives


1. Your username is now a company, what do you sell?<

majikwah – I sell magic flying carpets. Really, why don’t we have more of these – just blissfully flying off to where we need to go. Landing then poof, folding up the magic rug and going on about business.

2, What are people stupidly proud of?

Voting for Trump.

3. What old game should be remade with 2022 graphics?

Atari’s Tempest – with that twisty knobs – it would rock in with high-tech 3D graphics.

4. What will lead to the downfall of humanity

Instant feedback via social media

5. What are you tired of?

Doomscrolling on instant feedback on social media annotating and documenting the downfall of society.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1. My user name is usually some variant of edcortez or ecortez. Let’s go with e-cortez, Inc. We make lunchables for the Latin market.

    2. Owning a boat.

    3. Pac-man. It would be terrifying to be able to zoom in or out of multiple views of being chased by ghosts, while compulsively overeating.

    4. Reduced fat Oreos. Humanity will implode when too many people globally experience such disappointment.

    5. Unpacking. I’ve moved twice this year. And while I am unpacked, I’m still living with a bit of visual chaos.

  2. 1) porkmeet – online meeting platform for corporate executives who get paid for doing nada.

    2) The job they were hired to do. Everyone gets a trophy at work.

    3) Mother F’n Space Invaders.

    4) A softball size asteroid slamming into a Kum & Go and causing global destruction.

    5) Working to make money.

  3. 1] User name? gregstein was mine fir the longest time, we would sell our really Rammstein cover band Cassettes.

    2) Denying simple basic life courtesies to others.

    3) The old Atari tanks.

    4) A billionaires dick measuring space adventure causes a tear in the ozone layer resulting in the earth temperature rising to 200° in the day and -50 at night.

    5) I’m tired of people.

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