The Friday Fives

1. Are you following the public hearings on January 6?

I wasn’t going to but I got sucked in and was riveting last night. That Lyn Cheney really doesn’t care for Donald Trump. And I am obsessed with stories like this. I have read a number of books about Watergate and have been sucked into Gaslit, the dramatized story of Watergate with Julia Roberts and Sean Penn – so great television and so the hearings are just the sequel really. To know how close the country came to a democratic collapse is still so baffling. I remember January 6. I was working from home that day and was gripped in front of the television watching this unfold and now knowing what is in the wrinkles is chilling.

2. Are US politics irrevocably broken?

As long as we remain wedded to the two-party system and first past the poll balloting, yes. And social media, reality TV, and the addiction to instant justice and impatience of modern society are part of the cause as well.

3. What’s a better way to elect a president?

A game of Twister – those fat old white men trying to get to Right Foot Blue would be solidly entertaining.

4. Should we instead be led by a queen?

Why not – all the pomp and ceremony and family drama. And tiaras. Everyone loves tiaras.

5. Should there be an age limit placed on the US presidency and US Federal judges and supreme court justices?

Yes. ’nuff said.

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) I’m loosely following it. I’m curious to what the goal is? I believe that if there is the amount of evidence they claim that they should indict those involved and present their case to the courts. Presenting it on TV I don’t understand the end game.

    2) As long as money can be injected without regulation, consequence and oversight, nothing will change.

    3) A totally blind election. You only get to hear what the persons platform stands for. No anti campaigns and you vote for candidate A, B , or C. You don’t know if they are democrat, republican or independent. You don’t know if they are white p, black, man or woman. You only know what they intend to do if elected.

    4) I don’t think a single autocrat is the way to go.

    5) Minimum and maximum, YES.

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