The Friday Fives

1. What did you find in the back of the pantry this week?

That bottle of fish sauce. It really does take a packet of ramen to a whole new level.

2. What is that weird smell you finally found?

It comes from the utility closet. There is some water damage from upstairs and on humid days you can sometimes smell it.

3. what was the worst thing that has happened to you on your school bus?

I never took the school bus to school although we did bus around the state for high school activities. Riding on the light rail once, there was a horrifically smelling homeless dude that really reeked the place up.

4. Who’s the main character?

Tom Hanks. It is always Tom Hanks.

5. What’s that behind your back?

Just a picture of a sailboat. Why do you ask?

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) One of those plastic containers of chocolate macadamia nut clusters from Costco with one left in it when it was new on Monday. My father in law, a diabetic, ate the entire thing over the 3 day visit!

    2) No really weird smells in our house recently, but my father in laws feet smell like a dead squirrel was in his shoes.

    3) a bully heated up his house key and then pressed it to the back of my hand burning me. I still have the scar.

    4) Guns.

    5) My golden retriever laying on the floor. Why yes he would love it if you pet him.

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