Wacky Friday Fotos

Please place your caption in the comments.

Please place your caption in the comments.

2 Replies to “Wacky Friday Fotos”

  1. I am sure y’all are looking for a Ted Cruz joke here. No need. Look at this super eager and engaged guy in the foreground. Here is what I have to assume he is saying to our unseen audience:

    Are you tired of working to make someone else rich?
    How would you feel about retiring at 14, like I did?
    What if I told you that you could be your own boss?
    I am here to teach you about passive income. Watching your money make money while everyone else’s money sleeps.

    Do you think tall people deserve an education, too? Nope, neither do i! and here is my helicopter to prove it. Don’t worry, no Mexicans aboard this freedom ship

  2. Not sure why my overbearing multi level marketing guy turned super intolerant in the end. I just assume this is how Republicans actually think.

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