The Friday Fives

1. Without saying your age, what was something that was trending during your childhood?

Tang breakfast drink.

2. Have you ever known a murderer?

Unfortunately, yes. My first cousin Mark is doing time in the state prison in Sterling for killing his wife back in 2018 or so. Spooky. My parents basically raised the kid, sheltering him from a lot of domestic violence in his home and watching him after school. He is about four or five years older than me – we aren’t close but is was pretty close to my mother.

3. You’ve just been granted a superpower that only causes a minor but extremely irritating inconvenience for the villain. What is it?

Immediate volcanic irritable bowel syndrome.

4. What random sentence can end an argument?

Yes, but Billy Joel now has all the butter!

5. What song did you realize was actually really dark when you got older?

Dr. Hook’s “When you’re in Love With a Beautiful Woman.” The dude is a bit possessive and paranoid. I don’t think that relationship is going to last.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Time and Newsweek magazines. They both were main sources of national news on the weekly or monthly.

    2) I was one degree removed from the Dude a couple years back who killed his wife after having a pot-infused psychotic episode. I worked with his sister and she took on his kids after he went to jail.

    3) Non-stop runny nose, like at the height of allergy season or the peak of a cold. That kind of runny nose is so frigging annoying and eventually become painful.

    4) Squirrel!

    5) Hmmm, so many. How about Copacabana by Barry Manilow – Lola Still in the dress she used to wear Faded feathers in her hair She sits there so refined, and drinks herself half-blind

  2. 1) Atari

    2) I wouldn’t say know but I’ve transported several in the ambulance and did anesthesia for a colonoscopy on one last week.

    3) Raging acid reflux, that no med can tame.

    4) You know for the good of the country I think Donald Jr would do a great job as President, Jayne even better than his dad.

    5) The Weekend – “I Can’t Feel my Face” , is all about his addiction to cocaine.

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