The Friday Fives

Ready for the future?

1. Will you ride in a driverless car?

It is not ready for prime time so far. I think the only way that driverless cars will be successful is when all the cars are on autopilot – otherwise the AI is bound to lose in a face off versus a human driver.

2. Would you drive in full autopilot mode?


3. Would you invest in Crypto currency?

It seems like such a scam and is unregulated.. I’ll pass.

4. Will you fly in an automated plane?

To some degree we probably have with cross country autopilot and autopilot used on most landings.

5. Your next car may not be electric, but the one after it will be.

That is probably true. I think that the breakthrough will be when when the big rigs, the semis and commercial trucks go electric. That will make a difference..

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. I have an NFT of that Jetson’s picture above. unlicensed, I assume. Anyhow, my NFY picture is exactly like that one, but mine cost $135K

  2. 1) Someday, yes.

    2) Sure.

    3) Not my style.

    4) I guess so.

    5) I’m hoping so. I really want a Lucid Air but can’t quite justify the expense.

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