The Friday Fives

Friday fill-in:

1. I can’t get enough of ___.

Ted Lasso – this show is the sweet syrupy schmaltz that I need in these crazy times.

2. If only I had ___.

The winning lotto ticket for “Lucky For Life” yeah, sweet life it would be.

3. I want to listen to ___.

Some live electric Neil Young really really loud.

4. I have too much ___.

General stuff, mostly books. I need to wean the books and maybe drop off / donate books that I will never read again.

5. If only I could see ___.

Such an existential question. Perhaps historically it would have been a treat to see the signing of the Declaration of Independence or a Lincoln speech. Or the original seven wonders of the world.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) I, too, am Ted Lasso-ing these days. Will be sad when I hit the end of season 2 (probably tonight).

    2) A clue.

    3) BHTM

    4) To much old tech stuff. Lots of cables and connectors and such. I even have a 3.5″ disc drive, if you need one.

    5) Australia.


  2. 1) Sour gummy bears. I love those fucking things.

    2) A metabolism that allowed me to eat whatever I want and not gain any weight.

    3) Wicked Tinkers

    4) Body fat. If I could designate a recipient I would much more motivated to give it up.

    5) As well as o could when I was young and didn’t need glasses.

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