The Friday Fives

1. My earliest reading memory:

Paging through the encyclopedias spread out on the floor of the living room. I would haul down many different volumes and just read away for hours and hours.

2. My favorite book growing up:

Curious George and also the Cowboy Sam series

3. The book that changed me as a teenager

I really dug two books that were above my age/reading level that really affected me. Vonnegut’s “Galapagos” the first of Kurt’s books I ever read. And “Logan’s Run” is exponentially better than the movie and very sexy and deeply philosophical.

4. The book I discovered later in life:

“Moby Dick” I read parts of Moby Dick and parts of Billy Budd is a survey of American literature class in college but never read the entire book until about six or seven years ago and have since read it twice. It truly is a remarkable book – give it a chance.

5. The book I am currently reading:

“Is Fat Bob Dead Yet” by Steven Dobbins. A fun murder mystery/caper story written by a poet – it has some wonderfully crafted sentences and descriptive scenes.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) I grew up with a den that had an entire bookcase wall. I think the Life nature book series was one that I started with.

    2) I did love the Encyclopedia Brown books.

    3) Sophomore year I had a literature class teacher that assigned all sorts of drug-lit books and other edgy books. That’s when I read Jack Kerouac On the Road, Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and the Alive! the survival non-fiction story about the soccer team plane crash in the Andes.

    4) I read Stephen King’s The Stand after I graduated High School. It is my favorite book of all time and I have read it multiple times since. And for the record, not one of the movie or min series adaptations encompasses it. I liked them all enough, but just not close to the book.

    5) I’m finally reading a book i’ve had for a few years, Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and his son, Owen King. Interesting for sure.


  2. 1. I remember receiving my first ever book that I actually owned. I’d ordered it at school and was excited to read it. I read “What Do The Animals Say” so many times that I memorized it. “Moo moo says the cow. The says moo moo.” Yeah, I still remember it.

    2. “Either the Boxcar Children,” or “Danny Champion of the World.” Both are whimsical in a ways that appeal to a young reader.

    3. Sadly, “Helter Skelter. My late brother was rather ghoulish and collected ephemera about the Manson family. I saw things at a young age I should have never seen.

    4. I was well into my 20’s before I ever read “The Great Gatsby.” It is probably the book I have read the most times as an adult.

    5. Greg dropped me a copy of a book called “Paris in the Fifties.” As soon as I get unpacked enough to earn reading time, I’ll delve into it further.

  3. 1) Reading books with my parents was a bed time ritual. I would read a book with their help, then they would read a chapter from a older person book.

    2) Twenty & Ten, Snow Treasure, Fantastic Mr. Fox, lots of books I loved as a kid.

    3) I don’t recall a book that changed me but I loved all of Stephen Kings books at that age.

    4) I discovered lots of classics later in life. When I had time on the ambulance I reread lots of the classics I was supposed to have read in high school. One of my favorite, that I’ve read several times, Call of the Wild.

    5) I’m a bit OCD so when I start a book series I have to see it through. So I am on book 4 of 13 in the Wheel Of Time series.

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