The Friday Fives

1. What are some of the best cartoons/TV shows you grew up watching?

I loved “Battlestar Gallactica” and “Space 1999” On the Roku channel you can watch Space. And it does not hold up! Not a good show.

2. What are some good YouTube channels to discover?

Letterman (!#!##!!) That right – World Wide Pants has an official YouTube channel of Dave’s stuff.

3. Who is an actor whose presence in a movie will make you not watch the movie?

Not specific by name, but no reality tv stars turned movie actor.

4. What movies from the past are completely ruined watching with today’s mindset?

I recently watched “The French Connection” considered one of the greatest movies of all time – but it does not hold up – very racist and bigoted characters and dialog.
5. What are you watching that you love and seems like no one else is watching it?

5. What are you watching that you love and seems like no one else is watching it?

Over on Amazon Prime, I really like “Bosch” but it seems like I am the only one I know who watches it. It’s forgivable as there is so much content nowadays. If you get the chance on AMC (Maybe available on Roku) is “Lodge 49” only two seasons but it is great, although it was canceled because I was the only one who watched it.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) The Greatest American Hero was a fav when it came on. Loved Baa Baa Black Sheep.

    2) I am not a YouTube channel watcher per se. I use YouTube when I want a diversion and just search up topics and watch from there.

    3) It used to be Pauly Shore, but I have grown to accept and, maybe, even appreciate him…mainly due to his Mother being the queen mother of the Comedy Store in LA. Now, probably Tyler Perry. He and his creative works are not my cup O’ tea.

    4) The Warriors – I love that movie, yet it does not hold up mainly due to today’s everyday world is way more brutal and vicious than those guys. Also West Side Story the original – watching it now is just so foofy.

    5) I am a fan of Peaky Blinders, but everytime I bring it up, no one has seen it. Season 6 is about to release and I will miss Helen McCrory (RIP).

  2. 1) Dr shrinker. Wonder Bug. M.A.S.H. Land of the lost. Oooh Air Wolf!

    2) I’m like Tony on this one. I just search the thing I want to watch. No real channels per se.

    3) There are none that will prohibit my viewing but Tom Green sucks!

    4) I think any old movie will be viewed as lousy when viewed in todays ideas. I watched Mr. Mom recently. It was really funny and good but now it’s just a few funny gags with a horrible plot line.

    5) I watched all of Bosch, loved it. Water Reacher, loved it. Watched The Expanse, loved it. I hear Succession is good but haven’t started it yet. I have also binged all of Letterkenny, that show is gold.

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