The Friday Fives

1. What brand is overrated?

Starbucks. Really it’s just over roasted coffee.

2. What has absolutely no real reason for being so expensive?

Again, Starbucks. Coffee is incredibly cheap crop with a huge huge mark-up.

3. What’s an inappropriate song for a funeral?

“I want to dance with somebody.”

4. What movie title becomes the most ridiculous when you add “The Conjuring:” to the beginning of it?

“The Conjuring: Snoopy, Come Home”

5. How do you think COVID ends?

We end up getting a shot every year and in winter months live and work with masks on from now on.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Converse – cheap tennis shoes that fall apart with average use, have no arch support, no padding and basically a bargain basement shoe. All they have is the name and style, which knock offs are just as good.

    2) Housing. if i hadn’t bought years ago I wouldn’t be able to afford a house and barely would be able to make rent on a place big enough for my family.

    3) Happy Birthday.

    4) The Conjuring: The Ten Commandments

    5) With further vaccination and treatments that basically make it another virus that society as a whole can handle.

  2. 1) Dunkin, The coffee is bad the donuts are worse.

    2) Health care & pharmaceuticals, So many other countries have it figured out better than the US.

    3) W.A.P. To be honest that sang is in appreciate any time.

    4) The Conjuring: The Sound of Music

    5) The world will normalize it. The masks, the deaths, the annual vaccines, the misinformation, the infighting, it’s all going to just become normalized. ?

  3. 1. Heinz – no reason another outfit can’t make ketchup

    2. AQUAFINA – fucking water??

    3. Pretend that we’re Dead

    4. The Conjuring: Ernest Goes to Camp

    5. We all collectively decide its over no matter the evidence to the contrary

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