The Friday Fives

1. How old were you when you made your first New Year’s Eve champagne toast.

I am pretty sure it was while I was in the Army – we had a big NYE party in the barracks dorm room with kegs and kegs of German beer and French champagne.

2. If you could replace the bubbly with a different alcoholic beverage, would it be?

The NYE vodka Cosmopolitan -it’s time has come

3. What drink do you consider perfection?

My go-to drink – a gin and tonic. Made to perfection (Ice, 2 ounces good gin in a rocks glass with ice and a twist of lime – don’t just slice it and squish into a glass but give it a tug and twist to release the oils out of the lime rind. )

4. Which alcoholic drink makes you sick when you just smell it?

Ouzo (In the army, we hung out a lot at a Greek restaurant and the owner loved us and would pass around bottles and bottles of ouzo and I can no longer drink it. )

5. When you want a refreshing beverage, what do you grab (non-alcoholic and alcoholic)?

Iced-tea – I love that stuff.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) 19? Was on a holiday vacation with my family.

    2) A piña colada.

    3) Good vanilla latte

    4) 7&7 made an epic night of those in my younger years and an awful morning thanx to that. Can’t even smell it anymore.

    5) On my own a tall glass of ice water with a dash of mio drops in it. If I’m out n about a cherry limeaide slushy from sonic is delightful.

  2. 1) Most likely my mid teens up T a ski area with my parents and a bunch of younger drunk ski patrol feeding us brats drinks.

    2) Cosmos are cool.

    4) Belvedere vodka martini made correctly with the recipe amount of vermouth to vodka, shaken until and water in the mix ices once poured, adding two large olives once poured.

    5) Straight water. But a noe-gone refreshment was limeade at DQ, made with fresh squeezed limeade and some water. Stupid DQ dq’d it.

  3. 1. I was probably a child. My dad used to buy a bottle of Andre’ Cold Duck sparkling wine over the holidays, and I think we were allowed a juice glass of it for new years eve.

    2. I don’t want to replace champagne. But if I had to decide, I’d go with buttermilk. How memorable would that be–greeting each year with a frosty glass of tangy buttermilk (which would then immediately curdle in your stomach due to the pre-existing booze in it). Each NYE would be a litmus test of the year ahead. If you hurl it will be a bad year. If you manage to hold it down, it will be a good year.

    3. I’d say the bourbon Manhattan. When made properly, it’s a thing of beauty.

    4. Jägermeister. I’ve probably thrown up the bulk of the Jager I’ve drunk in my life.

    5. The only non-alcoholic drinks I imbibe in are water and coffee (and occasionally red Kool Aid if I’m having soul food–which reminds me that I haven’t been to Cora Fay’s in ages).

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