The Phyllis Diller is Not Dead 2023 Celebrity Dead Pool

Hey folks, the year is quickly coming to a close and it is time to get those dead pool candidate lists together.
The 18th year of this fine event is just around the corner. Start making your list of names now and take part in this wholesome past-time.  It lasts for the whole year.
What is it we are talking about?

A celebrity dead pool for the year 2022.

(Please feel free to forward to whomever you think might also want to play.)
Submit directly to [ and/or]

On Jan 1, 2023, the winner is announced.

The Rules:
Any deaths must be recorded by an Associated Press biography or an announcement from

All entries must be received by 12/31/10 at midnight. In the event
that a name on your list dies between 12/31/21 midnight and 01/01/22
12:01 the alternate name on your list moves on to the list.  (Late submissions through January will be accepted, however only 8 names and no alternative will count.) Points are awarded for the following:

Age of the dead (oldest- least points * youngest -most points.):
Oldest 4 points
Youngest 6 points
Active deaths
First corpse – 4 points
Last corpse – 5 points
Most names on the list – 18 points per list.
Suicide – 10 points
Under 65 – 4 points
Under 55 – 4 points (in addition to the under 65 points awarded.)
(The MJ clause)
If you personally kill a celebrity to increase your point-scoring,
you are disqualified.
(The Schiavo Clause.)
No points for any deaths whose only act of dying made them famous. This means the oldest man or woman alive won’t get points. It also means that a famous illness to an otherwise stranger, resulting in death wouldn’t count as a celebrity dead pool death.
(Can’t Get Crap Together Rule)
Late submissions through January will be accepted, however only 8 names count.


Where to find names:  Stiffs  (click on the standings link and get some ideas for those who didn’t pass this year )

The dead people server – lookup to see if someone is still alive.

Celebrity Death Beeper – sign up for an email alert when a celebrity passes.

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