The Nuts and Bolts

I said earlier I would take some time and talk about how and why I moved my blog from Blogspot. I guess the main reason is control and creativity. My web skills have advanced beyond basic Blogspot blogging and I find myself frustrated at not being to do things I may want to try. Access to an independent server with the abilty to use more robust software meets that goal.
I stumbled on WordPress after moving to my new host. I choose Emax hosting service. They aren’t free but are very affordable and have a huge toolbox of toys at my disposal to use, including WordPress, an open source web blogging application.

Moving to WordPress and my newly created domain was pretty simple, using the following online tools:

Installing WordPress on my host domain in a flash video tutorial. Very step by step. Virtually idiot proof.

A great tutorial for Moving from Blogspot to WordPress and setting up both to accomodate redirects from Blogspot. Make sure you read it through a few times to get the gist what is being done. But it works like a top.

A great tutorial for moving my Haloscan comments to WordPress. Read it through a few times but it worked flawlessly for me.

And the WordPress wiki: Codex.wordpress is very thorough on taking you through the dynamic dashboard and all the little ins and outs of this new fun dynamic toy.

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