The Friday Fives*

1. The last thing you ate and drank is your username, what is it?
My new name is “Veggie Street Tacos.”

2. What is your most non-serious, heavily defended food choice opinion?
One must always get a serving of raspberries in their diet every day.

3. What’s your last meal?
Mom’s lasagne. (I have been jonesin’ for lasagne a lot lately after recently ordering the veggie lasagne from William pizza – and it is great , divine even, but I still miss Mom’s.) As my last meal, I can through caution to the wind and eat the beefy/sausagey cheesy delight.

4. What one food makes up more than 30% of your diet?
Perhaps embarrassingly, Del Taco’s Beyond Tacos is made with refried pintos and ground beyond beef.

5. What is the best sandwich?
Lono will agree – a Philly Cheese Sandwich from Crazy Jerry’s down in Lonetree – the best sandwich you can find made in the back of a gas station.

*Sorry about no “Fives” last week. My web service provider’s SSL certificate had corrupted and it took a few days to get it up and running and access back to my site.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives*”

  1. 1) Egg whitez coffee (threw a z in there to be secure)

    2) Frosting.

    3) Sushi…lots of sushi. But sushi on death can’t be worth shit.

    4) On my eating poorly eroids…it would be pizza. During my eating better periods, chicken breast in all sorts of recipes.

    5) Toss up between a Philly Cheese from Fat Marges or any one of the many torta selections at Tortugas on Alameda.

  2. 1)Coffee, granola and Greek

    2) Avocados ruin whatever they’re involved with.

    3) Never ending bread sticks at Olive Garden. The hot salty garlicky goodness that can go on forever!

    4) chicken.

    5) Ther is a hoagie place in Fort Lauderdale near the school called Laspada’s Original Hoagies and damn they are sooo good. Fresh baked bread and high quality meats., piled on, so much meaty goodness it hurts.

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