The Friday Fives

1. You’re resurrected in 1000 years. What is the first thing you would say?
“I have risen!” or also – “Wow, we fucking made – not gonna lie, I am very surprised.”

2. What movie is extremely overrated?
“M*A*S*H – the original movie. Filmatically it is great – near-perfect example of a Robert Altman film – but the script – wow, it does not hold up. So sexist and misogynistic.

3. What feels like a cult, and is in fact a cult?
Trumpism – the loyalty and devotion to that man and his acolytes meets all requirements of a cult.

4. What things probably won’t exist in 25 years?
Personal computers and laptops – there is already some pretty good development of eyewear technology that will probably replace the personal computer and smartphones.

5. What would the world be better off without?
Mass-produced corporate agricultural beef, pork, and chicken – there is no need for it and the industries are so terrible for the environment and use of massive natural resources for little return on the investment.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Coffee. Just have coffee!

    2) All of the fast and furious movies. They are jus5 terrible.

    3) The new Republican Party. When you are willing to ignore blatant facts in favor of lies you’ve been brainwashed into a cult.

    4) Internal combustion engines.

    5) Religion so much hate and violence linked to religion, and no the small amount of good is not even close to offsetting it.


  2. 1) Where’s Waldo?

    2) The Piano. Also, Greg is wrong, Fast and Furious movie franchise is pure gold.

    3) Flat earthers, which connect to anti-vaxxers, which connect to Trumpers, which connect to the GOP. Let’s play six degree of dumbasses.

    4) Natural sustainable food sources and most glaciers and probably New Orleans.

    5) Entitlement.

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