The Friday Fives

1. What social customs do we need to retire?
Shaking hands. It is so cold and formal and icy and frankly, after 20 months of a pandemic, it seems quite unsafe.

2. What is one invention that you are 100% sure was only invented to annoy you?
Loud deep subwoofers in cars

(Cars – can we talk about cars? My car got raped this weekend. Overnight on Sunday, someone stole the catalytic converter right off the muffler – just a big ol’ rip right off the manifold. )

3. What food would taste absolutely disgusting if you added canned tuna?
Oh, so many things. I say popcorn – it would totally ruin two of my favorite things.

(Seriously though, the converter ripped right off. $800.00 later old Trogg is back up and running and purring like the kitten he is )

4. What do you think is the biggest animal that you can win in a fight barehanded?

A penguin – I am pretty sure I can take one.

(So, these converters are lined with platinum and palladium, and other rare metals and sold for scrap metal. )

5. How do you fall asleep?
A couple of drops of THC tincture under the tongue. My stepdad makes it and it will kick your ass.

(That’s right, someone tried to send Trogg to the scrap heat but he survives – up off the matt and ready to go – take that you criminals!)

RIP Norm you funny son of a bitch

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Religions.

    2) Country music

    3) Ice cream

    4) Dog I think I could take most dogs. I’m not sayin I wouldn’t be injured but I think I’d win.

    5) I put my CPAP mask on turn the machine on and within 3 minutes I’m out.

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