The Friday Fives

Some famous guy

1. If you could design your life exactly how you’d like, how famous would you be?
I don’t think I would like to be really famous – like everybody knows my name famous – but maybe a famous writer and philosopher-king with a series of bestsellers and sold-out book store book signings.

2. How often would you travel?
As little as possible. I like other destinations – I hate planning trips and the obligation of having to go through with those plans and hate the traveling that is part of travel itself. That is why we need to double down and get serious about Star Trek technology and give me a transporter.

3. How many people would live with you?
Very few.

4. How often would you eat out at restaurants?
Quite often – it is nice to have other people cook for me.

5. What new hobby would you get into?
Maybe golf?

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Oh I’d be highly recognizable, but famous, I’m not sure.I’d be that guy that you see and go, “I know him but from where?” Then you’d google the show or movie your watching and I’d pop up and you’d be like, “Oh yeah I loved him in that”. So kinda famous but not.

    2) depending on work schedule? Often, but I’d have people that take care if the logistics for me.

    3) Well the wife, the dogs and maybe a couple of essential persons.

    4) Not a ton but I’d definitely have a ton of stuff delivered or cooked by an in house chef.

    5) I’d really like to get into yoga and surfing.

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