The Friday Fives

1. Where is the best local pizza?

Denver has a lot of pizza joints and many different styles – but lately my go to is Williams 303 over on Lowry.

2. Is there any food better than pizza?  

Silly question, no. I could eat pizza every day.

3. What is the best topping on pizza?

Back in my meat eating days: pepperoni. Nowadays pizza must always include jalapeño peppers.

4. What would be the worst pizza topping?

Broccoli doesn’t have a place on pizza.

5. Whatever became of Pizzagate?

It is now a ride down at QA on-land in Orlando.

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) I still think Anthony’s pepperoni and italian sausage are the best around.

    2) No. Love pizza fresh and then love it almost more cold the next day.

    3) Now that is a at-the-moment type question. Sometimes it’s italian sausage, but then sometimes I go for a buffalo chicken type pizza with ranch, chicken, buffalo wing sauce and some banana peppers.

    4) Although I will eat it in a pinch, I think pineapple is dumb and kinda gross on pizza.

    5) They put a lock on it and no one is allowed in or out.

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