The Friday Fives

1. What’s Something That You Can Say During Sex, But Also At A Job Interview?

“So, how is it going so far?” “Want to see my reference?” “This is so better than the last time!”

2. What do you think won’t exist in 2030?

Television networks. Life/culture will continue to get more and more and more segmented due to technology and social blending that tribalism will so refract that there will be little nationalistic and perhaps even familial and nationalistic identities will dissolve.

3. What smell is the most nostalgic for you?

My mother’s fresh baked bread cooking and my father and the faint scent of his recently smoked tobacco pipe.

4. Who is your favorite Clem?

There are very few Clem’s in the world. I worked with a Clem at a grocery store back in my high school days. A decent, nice guy. Not my favorite Clem, probably. A Clem is that kind of buddy who is there always, day-night whenever you need that friend. I think my favorite Clem might by Donny from is “The Big Lebowski. “Yes – now that is a definition of a Clem.

5. Where’s the most unexpected place you’ve run into someone you knew?

I think a version of this question has appeared before, but I was in a Stuttgart subdivision park just strolling along and ran into a school chum from Craig, Wade Allen, who was an exchange student at the time and going to “uni” just down the road. Pretty odd to find a high school friend randomly on the other side of the world.

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) The more pressure, the better.

    2) Western US water-based landscaping. Alas, that boat has sailed (and it sitting in the middle of one of our many dried up water storage reservoirs.)

    3) The cold crisp night air in the mountains in winter. I spent most of my weekends growing up at a ski area and then sleeping on someone’s cabin floor in a sleeping bag somewhere in the Colorado mountains.

    4) I can’t say as I have a favorite Clem, nor use that slang term at all, ever.

    5) Going back to college after a three year absence was a weird place to run into a whole cast of people from my past.

  2. 1. This already seems like an amazing fit.

    2. Cable television. The model is already so unsustainable that customers are fleeing by the millions to *not* pay for religious, sports, and Spanish language content that they’ll never ever watch.

    3. Bacon frying and coffee brewing. Some of my happiest memories of childhood revolve around visits to my grandparents’ house in Walsenburg. In the morning my grandpa would get up and start making coffee and bacon before anyone else was up.

    4. Clem Snide. The band, not the Burroughs character.

    5. In 2010 I was in NYC for work. I decided to stay over the weekend and catch a few more museums and galleries. I was lost in Greenwich Village, doing some recon for the coming day, and I was desperately trying to get back to a street I recognized. At that moment I looked up, and coming down the dark, deserted street were the only two people I knew in Manhattan–Thom and Edward. They had been apartment hunting that evening, and were roughly 100 blocks from home. It was a moment when I realized that we are all connected in some cosmic way.

  3. 1) I really wrk well in a team setting.

    2) Drought. I think there will be water pipelines and someone will create a cost effective desalination process to use the rising seas as irrigation and drinking water.

    3) The smell of fireplaces and that first crisp night in October when it seems the entire neighborhood decided to have a fire.

    4) Clem? WTF Roy? Seriously no one I know is named Clem that’s just silly.

    5) At a beach bonfire in upstate Michigan ran into the girl that used to live across the street whom I hadn’t seen in 30+ years.

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