The Friday Fives

1. What warning belongs on your forehead?

Warning – extremely clumsy and apt to say the wrong thing outloud.

2. What years of your life were your greatest?

25-years old – to 35-yers old were pretty great. Just out of college and army and making a life with lots of friends. Friends I still have today.

3. Where would you live if money wasn’t an issue and why?

Luxembourg. Why not a little French, a little Dutch, a little Belgian – it has it all.

4. At what age did you move out?

18 off to college. Back at 20 for a bit then off to the army. At 23 home from the army and off to college again then home at 26 then back out on my own off to Denver at 30. I guess officially at 26 as I no longer used my parents home as home base for safe landings.

5. If you could say one thing that the whole world could hear, what would it be?

Be nice and empathetic – you have no idea what others have gone through.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) I am a loud talker.

    2) 25 to 35, like Roy, great years with many adventures and friends.

    3) New Zealand. No need to explain, because wow!

    4) The final final with no safety net move backs ever was after the Navy, so probably 23 or 24.

    5) Everyone is the same, no one is lesser…except 45.

  2. 1) Often says things that are horribly inappropriate but hilarious.

    2) I’m still waiting.

    3) I’m not staying put. Month or two at a time all the best variety of places. Rent a 4-5 star house in each location.

    4) 18 off to college. Then for a brief 2 month stint in ‘97, 25. On my own ever since.

    5) Everyone you meet is going through things you know nothing about. Don’t be a cunt.

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