The Friday Fives

1. It’s a Saturday in June, 1998. What are you doing?

Probably at work at Ryder TRS customer service call center as I working there at the time and always seemed to work Saturdays.

2. The top box office motion picture on the day you were born is how the rest of year goes – so how goes it.?

The Sting – sure, I am always feeling a little bit like I am getting away with something.

3. The number one billboard hit when you graduated high school foretold you future life – how did that go?

Ebony and Ivory. Hmm trying to craft that into a metaphor for my life. I guess it is an indicator that I am a Gemini and there are two sides of me? Sure, I will go with that, why not.

4. What did you parents always do when you were a child that you really appreciate now.

My mother always did my laundry.

5. What did Florida man do on your birthday?

Man throws baby at police while fleeing in stolen car. Sounds like a Coen brothers movie.

One Reply to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Working on the ambulance. I was the new kid so weekends, I worked.

    2) Cabaret- singing and dancing through the year.

    3) Vogue by Madonna. I guess ok.????

    4) Dinners. Mom made family dinners that we all sat at until everyone was done. Then we all pitched in to clean up and do dishes.

    5) Florida man arrested after spraying people with fire extinguisher at Walmart. Kinda weak day for Florida man.

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