Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite band?
Tough to single out. Depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s the E Street Band, sometimes it’s Wilco, sometimes the Miles Davis sextet.

2. What band do you simply just despise?
I am kind of done with Van Halen and I never really cared for The Doors.

3. What’s the worst band name?
I have always cringed at the name Skinny Puppy for a band and I can’t explain why.

4. The last three activities/tasks you performed will make up the name of your band – what is your band name?
Drive home, send an email, chat with the team.

I am going with “Chatting While Driving.”

5. What’s jamming in the car? Radio? Music player? music, podcast, audio book, talk radio?
On the way to work, a podcast/talk radio show “The Stephanie Miller Show. On the way home usually music, something off SiriusXM as the mood hits me.

3 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Hmmm. My mainstream answer would be The Beatles. My off-main street answer, probably Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

    2) Iron Maiden – never got it, never got into it, never will.

    3) A band name is so very personal and such, that it’s hard to hate on a band for their name, just their music. But, if i had to pick one, Sheryl Crow is a stupid name for a band.

    4) Poop Chewin’ Workers

    5) NPR/CPR primarily.

  2. 1) that’s really impossible to answer. I like so many different styles and types of mudic. But if I’m studying I like Lindsey Sterling in the background. Driving Tool or other hard rock stuff. When just chilling Led Zeppelin and classic rock is a solid choice.

    2) I don’t really despise them but I am definitely not a Nirvana fan.

    3) They’re all kinda dumb.

    4) Sleep, dog walk, poop
    Band name: Sleepwalking Shit

    5) These days with boards 2 weeks away anesthesia lectures and podcasts.
    Once the boards are done? Loud DJ synthesized house music.

  3. What is your favorite band?
    I am going to start with the dreaded cagey and qualified response. I am vested my life in music that is talk, lets see if I can back it up with info. No.. honestly… I am as curious as you. Ok, in the last 20 years (meaning my less productive concert going years) I have been to just over 300 national touring rock shows. I have read about 50 music biographies or autobiographies. I have two primary websites: this one you are reading now, and my music writing one. I have been used as a footnote resource in a rock trivia book. I have been playing guitar most of my life… from about 12 or 13 to today (49 years old). My point is, can I name a few? Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead. Now, what is cool about Pearl is they weren’t another generations band, like the other two. I watched them literally from the ground up. While I enjoy the music of all the bands I mentioned, it is with Pearl Jam I feel the most vested. I was there every step of the journey.
    What band do you simply just despise?
    I am supposed to say Nickelback, right? I don’t care about them. I can’t think of any band, and here is why. Life is short and time is money. More valuable than money. So, if there is music that doesn’t bring me joy… why would I listen to it? to ‘hate listen’ to it? WAIT WAIT > I have an answers. Sorry for that too dramatic roll up, like I am all above pettiness. The answer is Kiss. The music is terrible and redundant. Their whole vibe isn’t sex, or sexy. It’s date rape-y. they have gone on at least a decade too long. Since signer Paul Stanley has been using backing tracks and backup singers at least that long. Mostly, though, its Gene Simmons. He is just one of the worst people alive. If Mitch McConnel were a rock star, he would be Gene Simmons. ***
    *** full disclosure, Beth is a great song. We used to ‘hate listen’ to it in the band. Just listening to make fun of it. then, it dawned on us we listened so much because it’s a great song. Cheesy? You betcha. And here is a TOTAL reason you should love this song. THIS song was their biggest hit I think we know the egos of Paul and Gene. So, for them to have to accept that millions were coming to their shows… to here the drummer’s song… had to kill him.
    What’s the worst band name?
    Toad the Wet Sprocket. Or Clownfight. Probably the first.

    The last three activities/tasks you performed will make up the name of your band – what is your band name?
    They are mundane, so how about if instead I tell you a real story about a real band and their real band name? Clownfight! ClownFight was the name of the local classic rock barband I was in for about ten years. And the name is mine. I never liked it, but I came up with it. We had this band, it was a 4 or 5 piece rock band. We were still in rehearsal world, but wanted to get out and do some gigging. Means we would need a name. One afternoon, I found myself participating in a very large St Patricks day parade in downtown Denver. We were walking adorable dogs around the parade route so folks might be tempted to come adopt one. I was walking with a much older volunteer gal, and we were making small talk. She seemed German… or something of that region… form the accent. This nice lady was mystified by the clowns ahead of us. I don’t think she had ever seen a clown. You can imagine that out of context, seeing a clown is even creepier that normal. She asked me, and I think she was being quite serious, “what do they do at night, when they aren’t in parades?”. I told her the first thing that came to mind (which was of course total nonsense) – that “they fight. It’s a big underground circuit. Street fights, knife fights, you name it. Clownfights are HUGE here in this part of the states.”
    Someone later that afternoon, rather than correct myself to the nice volunteer… I had the presence of mind to text that to the band.

    What’s jamming in the car? Radio? Music player? music, audio book, talk radio?
    Audiobooks and podcasts. We drove 9 hours yesterday. Most of that was the new David Sedaris compilation, or back issues of Car Talk and This American Life that I had been banking for the trip.

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