Friday Fives

1. What’s a hobby that’s dying in popularity?

Tatting Nobody makes their own lace anymore. What is the world coming to.

2. During lockdown did you take up a hobby?

I tried my hand and sourdough bread and have gotten pretty good at it.

3. Not that we are out and about, do you have any new interests you want to pursue?
Maybe some camping and getting up into the hilss a little more often.

4. What was ruined because too many people started doing it?

Weekend brunching – too many lines to wait in, kind of ruins the whimsy of a lazy brunch.

5. What does your crazy neighbor do to be labeled “the crazy neighbor”

They guy who lives upstairs will use the remote start mechanism on his truck each more to pre-heat or pre-cool in order to go out later to smoke a ciggire and toke his weed. I have always found that odd.

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Mixed tapes/CDS – a true art that will never completely go away as long as there’s romance in the air.

    2) More serious remodeling – I tore out our bathroom down to the subfloor, repaired it, the plumbing and big drywall holes from where I removed stuff and moved electrical items. And it actually turned out pretty good.

    3) Getting my fat ass outside and moving more.

    4) Colorado outdoors. So many people now outdoors, that we have to dig into our special secret places, go on off times and go further from home to enjoy Colorado. Stupid people.

    5) Not too many crazy neighbors, but a few trailer park trash renter houses that make my homeowner hackles go up a bit. I have to work against the NIMBY judgment.

  2. 1) Board games are a dying activity.

    2) I took up studying like a grad student. It’s kinda sucky but hopefully will be worth it in the end.

    3) Once school is over and a job obtained I’d really like to enjoy and explore Tampa.

    4) Street tacos

    5) He cut down all his trees because the roots are placing his pool in jeopardy.

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