The Friday Fives

1. You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What do you do with your elephant?

Haul her off to my mom’s to allow it to frolic on their acreage – then collect/harvest the elephant manure – bag it up and sell exotic nutrient-rich elephant manure for gardening at farmer’s markets all over the state.

2. What is the worst thing to Microwave?

Kittens – don’t. just.don’t. Don’t even ask me to explain

3. What can your brain just not comprehend?

Long division – I have always be challenged by division it is probably a dyslexic thing but I have never mastered it – I always have to use a spreadsheet to lay ou the basic formula.

4. The last song you listened or listening to is now your theme song, what is your theme song?

Eddie Money’s “Take Me Home Tonight.” Not really thrilled that I am stuck with that.

5. What war crime will you likely be charged with.

Laundry piling offensiveness – I am always behind on my laundry.

Pretty great weekend lined up – off to travel across the state to Mack to see Mom and Jim – we are all fully vaccinated – and I haven’t seen her since June when they were in town for my nieces high school graduation. It will be great to seem them again.

2 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Spend my life savings to take it on a one-way trip to their native lands.

    2) Eggs. Stupid eggs, They explode, they get too hard, they taste different. Eggs in a microwave are, again, stupid.

    3) Anyone that actually supports Trump. Not conservatives, mind you, just actual Trump supporters.

    4) American Pie.

    5) Shooting the dickheads on our who shoot civilians for sport.

  2. 1) I’m taking that elephant to it’s homeland and getting it laid!

    2) Grapes. Trust me it’s bad.

    3) The obsession with avocados. I’ve tried multiple times in various ways. There is no way that they aren’t just gross.

    4) Kashmir – Led Zeppelin and I’m ok with that.

    5) For excessive phatitude. I’m extra phat these days.

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