Friday Fives

  1. Which celebrity would you not be surprised to discover is a serial killer?

Nicholas Cage. There has been something just a little off about him. Although Tom Cruise came to mind as well. A cultist celeb-hero turned serial killer would be a great movie premise.

2. What’s a song you discovered through a movie?

“What a Wonderful World” from “Finding Forester

3. What’s a movie that made you shit yourself as a kid ?

The Childcatcher scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. That dude was creepy as hell.

4. What celebrity death hit you the hardest?

We were just talking about this at the office this week – Tom Petty’s death was a rough one. So senseless

5. Who is a fictional character that you hate with a burning passion? Why?

Kurtwood Smith as the father in Dead Poet’s Society.

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Keith Morrison (Dateline reporter and VO) – what better cover and schooling than digging in real deep into other murders stories, then just going out killing and knowing exactly how not to get cuaght. Diabolical.

    2) I, as well, would put “Iz” in that category from 50 First Dates

    3) The Thing – John Carpenter. I was a young teen and alone in a theater when I saw it for the first time.

    4) Alan Rickman – what an amazing actor and person.

    5) Queen Cersei I Lannister – not one redeeming moment throughout all the seasons of GOT.

  2. 1) Jim Carey. Oh you know he’s got some seriously frightening issues behind there’s mad cap antics.


    Touched by VAST.

    3) Only movie to ever give me nightmares, Hitchcock’s Psycho

    4) Robbin Williams. ?

    5) The sherif in First Blood was absolutely the worst!

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