The Friday Fives

1. Do you like the thrill of a chase?
Well, yeah – who doesn’t!
(So sure the chase – I recently binged “The People vs OJ Simpson.(Yes, I know a bit late to the game. ) This was a very well-done mini-series. I remember watching the chase while working as a newspaper reporter at “The Colorado Statesman and then at home – I distinctly remember that entire weekend as I had to travel from Denver to GrandJuction that evening after work to attend a birthday party for my grandma – maybe her 0th? I don’t remember that part. Anyway, the chase consumed me.)

2. What winds you up?
Too much caffeine – usually coffee in the am and then iced tea in the afternoon.
(Later on, while working at the paper, our office shared in our capitol hill building the offices of a television transcription service – Journal Graphics. They worked with CNN and provided transcriptions to the news channel’s programming. They were furiously transcribing all facets of the trial itself and all of the tertiary coverage. It was fascinating talking with the transcribers as they provided insight theories and observations from the trial.)

3. Are you a loud talker?
Yes, especially if I have had a few cocktails poured into me.
(But really, watch the Netflix run of TPVOJS and you really should come away with the belief that OJ was sooooo guilty.)

4. What comes easy to you?
Talking to strangers and talking in front of people,

(And he was pretty fucked up – a fantastic ego-driven personality unwilling to look forward at his life and circumstances and so able to ignore his own actions and create his own new reality. )

5. What did you dream about recently?
Some sort of work dream and counting out time cards for use in the time clock (we don’t use time cards. )
(But now, looking at it, OJ is in jail, Jeffrey Toobin, who wrote the book that the series was based upon is in the media doghouse for jacking off during a pretty public Zoom call. We have Matt Gaetz proposing lots of ego-driven reality recreations related to his sex scandal and it is as if we the audience and the media never learns from our mistakes on giving credence to the scandals and instead, maybe we should learn to just walk away.)

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