The Friday Fives

1. What’s your go-to “comfort movie?”

Finding Forester A Gus Van Zandt movie with Sean Connery – always makes me cry a little bit.

(Really though, can we talk about this big ship stuck in the Suez Canal – a huge tanker ran aground and now is affecting the global economy!)

2. What’s your go-to “comfort food?”

Macaroni and cheese – either that or a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. (Growing up we always called them toasted cheese sandwiches).

(So this ship got stuck due to some huge desert wind storm on the Egyptian side of the canal and is now perpendicular to the walls of the canal and no ships can get through – I am consumed with this thing.)

3. What’s your go-to “outfit?”

Clothes for me are a uniform – jeans, t shirt, maybe a a long sleeved thermal under the Tee. That’s comfort.

(You see, the way these canals work is there is a pilot who takes charges and actually has the command/helm of the boat as it floats through. These pilots make hundreds and hundreds of runs the through the canal each year – it was always doubtful that this was pilot error. )

4. What song are you currently obsessed with and just can’t stop listening?

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. He was nearly death so his symphonies were written to be performed very loudly – take Beethoven symphony and play it loud with some headphones -it will rock your ears.

(So no, they are employing lots and lots of bulldozers and front-end loaders to widen the canal while at the same time using a whole bunch of tug boats in an attempt to dislodge this thing. It ways over 19079 gross tons and is too big to go through the Panama Canal. – this is a big boat.)

5. What’s something that isn’t therapy but feels like it?

Taking really long hot shower with your eyes closed – try it for about 5 minutes.

(But really this is a big boat. A cadre and Japanese and Dutch engineers, from countries with lots of canals and locks, have been sent to the Suez. The latest plan is to empty off the cargo in an attempt to re-float it – this could take several weeks. It is like watching paint dry but i am refreshing this page all day long looking for any progress. )

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  1. this is only regarding the photo up top. its my ‘wacky friday photos’.

    “Fuck YOU Darrel. I did NOT leave the ranch out. I don’t even like ranch, and even if I did I would not have left it on the counter. Why don’t you ask your stupid girlfriend Tamara why the ranch was left out? You know what? Never mind the ranch. If we don’t move this boat pronto I am going to lose my dental insurance again. Need you to focus, bro”

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