Friday Fives

1. What is the WORST song lyric of all time?
“Simply having a wnderful Christmastime.

2.What is the BEST song lyric of all time?
Got a wife and kid in Baltimore, Jack. Went out for a ride and never came back.

3.What sounds are “music to your ears”?
The sound of a champagne cork popping.

4.What is your favorite Tom Petty Song?
American Girl

5.What are the some of the best live music performances on YouTube?
There is this great version of The Weight with Robbie Robertson and muscians from around the world that I will pull up and watch sometimes. Great performances.

2 Replies to “Friday Fives”

  1. 1) But don’t tell my heart, my achy breaky heart

    2) Ticket to ride, white line highway
    Tell all your friends they can go my way
    Pay your toll, sell your soul
    Pound for pound costs more than gold
    The longer you stay, the more you pay
    My white lines go a long way
    Either up your nose or through your vein
    With nothin’ to gain except killin’ your brain.

    3) Mountain forest wind.

    4) Free fallin’

    5) Most recently, it’s the acoustic version of the Tears for Fears song Mad Mad World, by Curt Smith and his daughter, Diva.

  2. 1) who runs the world? Girls! Repeat over and over until the song is long enough.

    2)” Now crack’ll kill you quickly. That’s why it’s got to go.
    They’ll get more of your money if they kill you nice and slow.
    And the only one who’s laughing is the advertising man.”

    3) waves

    4) Learning to fly

    5) there are numerous videos of Neil but I like this one a bunch,

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