The Friday Fives

1. It is been a year since the quarantine lockdown. How did you do?

Well, I didn’t get sick – that was a bonus – even after going into the office for four months. So I give myself a Covid grade of “A”

2. What was the best thing about being at home all the time?

Finding some really good TV. And perfected another original cocktail –

Earl and bubbles

2 oz. Gin

1 oz of Earl Grey tea concentrate (steep about 7 or 8 teaspoons of loose Earl Grey tea in hot water for about 5 or 10 minutes to make it really really strong – an ouonce here is a guess, maybe just a bit less – this is a strong flavorful concentrate.)

Raspberry ICE soda



Stir and enjoy.

3. What was the worst thing about being at home all the time?

I do not do well working from home. I procrastinate and go into a deep depression. I need to be around people to keep my energy and moods up.

4. What/where are you going to go/do first when this thing is all over?

Probably something, like head off to Fruita/Mack, CO to visit my mom an’em

5. What’s next

April 9, 4:15 – Moderna shot number #2. Bring on the vaccine!

3 Replies to “The Friday Fives”

  1. 1) Other than judging people for doing many many things that made the pandemic worse and longer, I (we) did great. No family got the virus (extended or immediate), a few extended friends got it but all survived. So, grade A for us.

    2) Seeing that our family would not self-destruct when in close proximity for long periods of time.

    3) Blursday apathy. It is hard to feel connected or feel anything really. Need to get back out and hit some social soon, but only when vaccinated and safe for most (except the self-naturally-selecting people). Oh, and my physical fitness and food choices have all degraded. No bueno.

    4) Eat in our favorite Mexican restaurant, because takeout Mexican food is such a letdown.

    5) Chomping at the bit to get vaccinated. My vaccine envy is growing and I am jealous of “those” people who have been vaccinated. Star-bellied Sneetches suck.

  2. 1) I’m eyeballs deep in peoples mouth holes every day! And I wear a mask of some sort around 20 hours a day so yay me for not being sick and still being the same level of sane I was at the start of this shit show!

    2) I e only had a “home” for the last 5+ months before that I was solo studying in a lousy one bedroom apartment. I look forward to finishing school and getting paid so I can start repaying my loans.

    3) Worst thing is I need to study but am easily distracted or can find other stuff I’d rather do.

    4) Ummm take off my mask for some of the day? ????

    5) Trying to get vaccinated. I hear there’s a really good single shot coming out of the UK that is as effective as the two shot vaccine but only one shot.

  3. 1. I have survived thus far so I’ll give myself a B+. I didn’t follow all of the rules–I still went out to support local businesses and to over tip in the few bars/restaurants that were open. (As it turns out, I REALLY like bars.)

    2/3. The best and worst both entailed spending time with pets. On the sad side, my 18 year old pal Mr. Meowgi succumbed to head and neck cancer in July. I was able to spend every day and night with him until his time came.

    On the happier side, I’ve been having a blast getting to know my new cat [The Great] Catsby. He’s like a very agile yet timid infant. It’s been a real delight to get to know him. I rescued him from an unhappy environment and now he’s living happily for the first time in years.

    4. I haven’t seen my mom, my nieces and nephew for over a year. I should be fully vaccinated by Easter, so I’m looking forward to going to see the family.

    5. Continue to exercise good behavior as we get closer to a safer opening.

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