The Friday Fives

What are the five things you have learned since the Covid19 pandemic.

1. People want to believe in fairy dust and not science.

Science is not a black and white issues and there are always nuances, vairances and degrees – which most folks seem to be inpatient about. I think it is endemic of our capitalist society – you are making money or you are not – almost a Ferengi-like precept to the solution of all problems. When thrown a variables such as a global novel virus pandemic all the capitalist precept are thrown out the door and we stumble and like children act up in defiance because we are scared and confused. So instead of taking the tried ant rue advice to mask up, social distance, stay home and wash our hands we revolt and throw tantrums.
Trust the science and accept the variables that come with it.

2. Sourdough no knead bread is delicious and easy.

In fact I think I will make some this weekend. Stir up a loaf using metric measurements, measured out with a scale – stir with a wooden spoon then toss in the back of the microwave where it won’t get disturbed for about 18 – 20 hours. Pull it out – punch it down an dlet it rais again for an hour and back in a 474 degree oven for about 40 minutes. You will feel like a professional baker.

3. Costco sells these tubs of Bitchin’ Sauce

A kind almond cheese sauce that takes eggs and tuna salad to whole new levels. Vegan and yummy.

4. There is just too much media to occupy the mind

Streaming apps on the Roku, music apps on the phone, reading apps and ebooks, magazines and cookbooks both in print and online. I am a home body and anybody who knows me knows that and having all the entertainment I can muster at hand, all the hobbies I can retake up or begin isn’t the same and being around people. These last 11 months have been enlightening. I don’t miss commuting to work on public transit (although for the past two and a half months I have been making the I-25 shuffle down south on nearly empty roads.) But I also go into heavy depression when left at home all alone working virtually at my home office. I need to interact in real life with humans for energy and to feel an actual purpose. Maybe there is a direct correlation to these feelings and this sense of depression and loss that is also a cause for the actions of others as reflected in number one up above.

5. The pandemic has damaged and maybe ended some of my friendships.

Maybe too much time alone and no real connections has caused decades old friendships to fade due to not tending to them – maybe those friendships weren’t real after all. Maybe this fall when life makes an attempt at normal some of those fractures can heal. Time will tell.

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